Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

12/19/16 - 12/21/16

Notes from Mrs.Myers

Hello! We have had a wonderful semester and we are just about to finish it off with a bang! As of now, with the exception of make-up work and retests, we are FINISHED with new content! *Do a little dance!*

Weekly Updates were a lofty aspiration for me trying to finish cookbooks and get everything ready for the last couple of weeks, including all finalizing of grades! Needless to say, I've been a little more swamped than I expected! That being said, I didn't leave you hanging! In the Friday Folders (which today are Monday Folders), there is an itemized progress report showing your child's grades with some notes from me! Please look it over tonight and e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns! There are still a few little things here and there going in if assessments have not been finished or if your child is retesting, but grades should be pretty firm otherwise! :)

Cookbooks will be ready on Wednesday! Make sure to have money in ASAP! :)

Also, see below for a few reminders and announcements about the fun we will be having the rest of the week! :)

This has been a phenomenal semeter where we have all learned and grown together! I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday break! I look forward to seeing everyone at the party tomorrow! :)


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A Look at This Week:


  • Classroom Spelling-Bee
  • Class Road to Revolution (W)Rap It Up Activity
  • Class Party: 10:15-11:15 (lunch time follows our party time so we have a little flexibility)


  • Gift-go-Round! (Mrs.Myers' favorite part of the whole year! You don't need to bring anything, it is all taken care of!)
  • Perfect Attendance Celebration
  • Chorus Holiday Performance
  • Pajama Day! We will be finishing our day with The Polar Express and hot chocolate in our jammies!

A few fun videos related to the American Revolution! Feel free to preview!

Schoolhouse Rock!: America - The Shot Heard 'Round the World
Schoolhouse Rock- No More Kings
Schoolhouse Rock Fireworks