April Newsletter

Sparkling Stars on a Sponsoring Mission!!

Kudos to being QUALIFIED for March!!

Way to be qualified and then some:

Darlene Cook

Holly Williams

Heather Sparks

When you qualify (hit $500 in sales) for the month, you are working towards a style fix coupon for fall sampling; earning business supply credits; and are eligible to receive home office lead/referrals!!

New Arrivals coming soon!

Tuesday 4/5 - Sampling Opens for Star Stylists and above!

Wednesday 4/6 - Sampling Opens for All Stylists!

Thursday 4/7 - Customer Launch!

Wednesday 4/20 - Sampling Closes

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A new Stylist can earn $750 in FREE accessories just by signing up! At the same time, YOU the Sponsor can earn an extra $100 in FREE accessories!

Here’s how it works:

A new Stylist gets $450 in product credit immediately upon sign up

  • that’s $100 extra!


  • When a New Stylist hits Quickstart (1000 PQV in the first 30 days) they get $300 in Product Credit
    • that’s $100 extra!
  • That new Stylist also earns at least $250 on their Little Blue Card from commissions!


  • As the Sponsor, you get $100 in product credit when your New Stylist hits Quickstart!

More style for everyone, and a growing team for you!

Heather Sparks, Star Stylist

I am off to Chicago this month for Welcome to Leadership!!! Please know that I am always here to help you and us grow!! Don't hesitate to reach out for anything!