North vs. South

BY: Destiny Lochner Period 6

The South

Geography: The south enjoyed mild summers. They had swamps and rivers a long the coast. They had thick forests. They also had flat rivers.

Economy: They had plantation owners. The plantation owners used the Slaves to grow goods such as tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo. They also had the cotton gin to separate the seeds from the cotton.

Transportation: They put cotton on a ship to be Sent to places that Wanted the cotton. They had some railroads that helped them ship what needed to go to the north from the ship they brought the goods from.

Society: A lot of the people in the south were slaves. People got wealthy by slaves and their land. A Small portion of blacks in the south were free. The blacks had to pay more on taxes.

The North

Geography: In the north they had freezing winters. They also had really hot and humid summers. Another thing they had was a lot of big hills. They also had rocky soil.

Economy: The machines they had made Changed things for the North. They stretched the industrial revolution. They had a lot of factories that help them made their stuff faster then they would make it in the south.

Transportation: The north had 20,000 miles of railroads. They hired workers to build a 363 Miles of. Canals. They also had boats powered by Steam engines.

Society: They tried to end slavery. They had many miles of factories. More than a million lived in New York.

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