By Azdru

Basic Fnfo

Tarantulas are classified as arachnids. Their babies are called spiderlings. Their coldblooded which means they have to sun bath to keep them worm. They are invertebrates which means they have no back bone. Their body is covered by a exoskeleton. It moves on it`s 8 legs. It`s predators are some frogs ,they eat tarantulas. They keep their water in their exoskeleton.


It lives in worm places. In the canopy layer and the forest floor. If it lives in the forest floor it makes burrows in the ground. If it lives in the canopy layer it spins a web.

Life Cycle


It`s head pedipales and cephalothorax. It has strong legs to catch it`s pray. They try to bite their pray in their neck to paralyze them.

Interesting Facts

IT hunts it`s pray at night. thay bite thair pray whith venom. at day time thay sleep in thair burrow .

Thay can live to by as old as 25 years old. the tarantula glieth berd eating spider can shtrech to 10 inches. Ones that live in united staters are not poisanou

Food Chain