Weller Weekly

January 19 - 22

What's up at Weller?

Monday - (1-18)

NO SCHOOL!! Enjoy your day OFF!!

Tuesday (1-19)

  • Leadership Team Meeting @ 3:50

Wednesday (1-20)

  • Dr. D out to meeting until about 10:00
  • Story Time With Parents as Teachers! Please help promote in your newsletter and let your parents know it will be in the library.

Thursday (1-21)

  • 2nd and 3rd Grade Ballet @ 3:50 - 4:30
  • Appy Hour @ Sherwood - 4:30--6:00

Friday (1-22)

  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration @ 9:00
  • Panther PRIDE Store Day

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A few things at Weller this week...

Gotta know it...

What a busy week this past week was! Your classrooms were bursting with learning. Third graders discussed and debated point of view, kindergarteners are learning to subtract, 2nd graders are learning the writing process (one kid told me all the steps at lunch today), and our 4th and 5th graders are thick into research.

We have some celebrations this week too! Kendahl McCrimmons in Mrs. Norrell's class was one of five elementary winners of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Art Contest! She will be honored at the board meeting this week and her picture will be printed on note cards! Nicole wrote a "Big Read Author Visit" grant from the Greene County Library and won! John Erickson, author of the Hank the Cowdog series, will be at Weller on April 21st! And one last celebration...your computers are coming on Tuesday!

Here are a few things to remember:

  • SPS foundation Pick-a-Project www.supportsps.org/pick-a-project
  • #imaginegrant
  • If your projector bulb needs to be replaced just call the Help Desk at 33333 and they'll come replace it.
  • Be careful...the south sidewalk with the white painted squares is slippery in the morning. Please avoid stepping on the painted part of the sidewalk. (We plan to paint a rough clear paint over it when the weather improves.)
  • Mark your calendars for the PBL Hangout on Air (2/4, 3/3, 3/31)
  • I'll finish meeting with each of you individually to go over the Reading Fidelity Checks Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Thanks for approaching this with a growth mindset.

Attendance for the school year!

Thanks for encouraging good attendance. As a school, 87.76% of our students have attended school this year 90% or more of the time. (The state requires 90% to attend at least 90% of the days.) We are almost to the mark of having every class over 95% attendance!!!! This will help. Check out next weeks attendance card.

Teacher Percent # of Tardy

  1. Tinney 97.50% 26
  2. Rich 97.26% 44
  3. Wahl 97.06% 40
  4. Norrell 96.65% 29
  5. Bernelis 96.51% 21
  6. Hughes 96.44% 37
  7. Barker 96.26% 32
  8. Almeida 96.13% 30
  9. Squibb 96.06% 10
  10. Graves 95.83% 22
  11. Morey 95.56% 75
  12. Dake 95.55% 23
  13. Sanders 95.53% 39
  14. Weinman 95.39% 40
  15. Ellis 94.98% 19
  16. Shores 94.61% 15
  17. Miller 94.54% 35

A POEM FOR MRS. WEINMAN (written by Mysia Paasch)

Your the greatest of them all!

Well, at least in the hall.

Piles and stacks of papers you grade,

And all the activities you made.

Though we may be a lot of trouble,

You take care of us on the double.

When we leave we go play with fake light sabers,

While you go home, watch T.V. and grade papers.

Through spelling and math,

Good thing you chose the teachers path!

Feedback from our staff meeting:

On Tuesday I asked you to give suggestions of how you think we can build our Weller team. You gave great suggestions of secret buddies (you can sign-up for a Valentine Secret buddy on Google docs), off site bonding (I've heard rumors of a painting party), and adopt a class (lower/upper). This week when our leadership teams meet, they will look over your suggestions for technology and culture. Thanks for your input...keep it coming!