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Hello Friends!

Back in 2012, a professor at Kent State University conducted a study in which his subjects were asked to write and mail three letters, containing only positive content, over the course of three weeks. The results? Read below:

With each letter, the writers experienced higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction, and lower levels of depressive symptoms.

And that was for the writers! Imagine the joy of those who received the letters! This week we are dedicating this issue of our virtual library to CONNECTION! Along with the other ENCORE teachers, we are encouraging our students ---in one last alms giving effort---to reach out to grandparents, friends, relatives, or someone at a nursing home or senior center. How can you bring Christ's love to them in this time of "social distancing." Read on to find all kinds of ways to connect!

Pray often. Look for the good. Remember: you are loved.

~Mrs. Moschetto

How to address an envelope for mailing!

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Letter Writing for Kids

Writing an INFORMAL letter: TIPS!

View the video above to learn or review the basics of letter writing.

When you write a letter to a friend or family member, it can be difficult to know what to write! So here is a formula that might work well for you:

1. After your salutation, tell the person when and where you are writing from

  • It's Monday afternoon and I'm still schooling from home"
  • I just finished eating lunch and thought I'd write you a letter.

2. Tell the person about a recent activity and how you felt about it.

  • This week I took a walk and noticed lots of beautiful flowers. It was refreshing to be out of doors and enjoy the spring time.
  • I've been reading a really good book about a boy who lived during the time of the American Revolution. It is suspenseful and I can't put it down.
  • Mom and I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies this week. It was a fun!

3. Ask a question to make a connection between your experience and the life of the

person you are writing to:

  • Did you like to take walks outside when you were my age? Have you been able to get outside to walk?
  • What have you been doing since school has been closed?

4. Share a memory of the person.

  • I remember the last time you visited us, we went to ....I hope we can do that again in the future.
  • The last time we saw each other, we played Wii Tennis. Do you remember that?

5. End with a blessing or good wishes

  • I hope you are feeling well and are enjoying the beautiful spring.
  • May God bless you!

6. Your signature comes after the closing word(s). Your choice of closing reflects your relationship with the person you are writing to.

  • Love, (for grandparents and other family members)
  • Your friend,
  • Peace be with you,

Does handwriting, spelling, punctuation, and grammar "count?" Perhaps a kinder way to think about this is: "When I take the time to make sure my spelling, handwriting, and grammar are the best they can be, it is a reflection of my love and concern for the person I am writing to."

Let's Read and Connect

The Story of Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service!

Story of Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service

Pardon the interruption...It's JOKE TIME!

How excited was the gardener about spring?

So excited he wet his plants.

Got chalk?

How about sidewalk art as an option for bringing joy and connecting safely with a neighbor? Check out the photo to see an example of how some local teens are using their time and talent to spread joy around their neighborhood.

Don't forget to add a positive message (how about a blessing!) to your art!

Be sure to check with an adult to be sure this is allowed in your neighborhood.

Send Mrs. Moschetto a photo of your sidewalk chalk "card" or message for publishing in next week's e-library news.

Musician encourages "Songs of Comfort"

Yo-Yo Ma on encouraging 'Songs of Comfort' amid global crisis

Pray every day!

St. Joseph, my loving father, I place myself forever under your protection. Look on me as your child and keep from all sin. I take refuge in your arms, so that you may lead me in the path of virtue and assist me at the hour of my death. Amen.

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THE CRAFT CONNECTION: Thank you, Crayola!

Click this button to access 100s of craft ideas!

R U a baker?

Recipes for Hot Cross Buns and Easter Cross Cupcakes

Check with an adult before trying to make these goodies.

You may or may not be able to give these away, but making them will be a great way to relax or spend time with a sibling or parent.



The Saint Connection: Their stories inspire us to live heroically!

How To Draw An Easter Bunny Folding Surprise #stayhome and draw #withme