Planing A Vacation

Planing A Vacation

Hi my name is Alexis my topic is How To Plan A Vacation. I am going to ask you some questions and them I will answer them to. So the first question I am going to ask you which you have to know is we're are you going to go on your vacation?

Were you are going to go?

In the first paragraph I asked you were are you gong to go on your vacation? I have so many answers but I am going to have to send you to California. Now that you know we're your going you have to know we're your your going to stay? I did some research and the best option is a hotel not much but with a kichen.

How long you are going on your trip

Now you have to know is how long are you going to stay on your trip? I went around and asked how long do you usually stay n a vacation every one said 1-2 weeks. So I thought that is a good amount so you should do it. Now is the expensive part how are you going to get there? Oo I know get a plane it gets you there way faster than a car sure it is a lot of money but o-well. And if you get plane sick bring a bag.

What to drive

Now you know you are taking a plane what are you going to drive? I think about this as much as in life. A vehicle that can carry you luggage not have your stuff get wet when it rains and can fit a family 4-6. What is it a SUV that's what.

This is the heart break on your trip

This is sad if you can't bring a pet so I am going to tell what to do with it if you have a dog or not. I typed what to do with your pet when you go on vacation most of it sent me to SITTERCITY.INK so I said let's try so now you should to. I am not going to tell you about the web because you need to see for yourself.

The fun topic

Most important thing what are you going to bring? You should bring your need clothes tooth brush tooth past an other things. But if you want bring a cooler for food and water. Bring stuff on the plane like toys, electronic, of stuff like blankets in case you fall asleep. Bring swim wear to. This is the question what are going to do there. I know have fun have a party, go swimming, and go out to eat.


Now the time is done I told you all of my info so now you know how to plan a vacation. When you use my idvise with your family take photos for me.