Sports: More Than Just a Game

Does sports really help kids in more ways than health?

Sports help develop life skills in many ways

Sports can help develop life skills for kids anywhere from all ages. For example recent studies shows children at an inner-city neighborhood learned about life skills, social skills, and respect through sports and their physical education classes. Similarly, in a related study of 40 university students, they look back on the life skills they learned playing a sport. First, they learned social skills through peers. Second, it improved their sportsmanship, emphasized hard work and teamwork. Last, to focus on what they can control and not what is out of their control: Youth sports should help kids learn that all they can do is focus on their effort, and not the outcome. Weather your from the inner-city or the country, young or old, rich or poor, sports prove to be a universal learning curve.
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How do these life skills transfer to real life?

Many life skills tend to stay with you for life. For example, sportsmanship. Have you ever played a sport and shook the other teams hand at the end? Well, believe it or not, you learned a life lesson. Coaches teach you this so you learn to have some sportsmanship as a kid. That has transformed to having respect for opponents with work or in life. Another life skill that you probably had your whole life through sports is communication and teamwork. Without all 5 players on the court working together or all 11 players on the field you can't win, and if not everybody is communicating on a project and working as a team it doesn't get done with efficiency. A last of many skills that last your whole life is do all the little things to make big things happen. In baseball not doing a little thing like set your feet during a throw can change it drastically, and if you do little things like studying 5 minutes a night can be a night and day difference of good and bad grades. If you can relate to any of these life skills you should thank your coaches.
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