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LENT 2015

LENT 2015

Hello Students and Parents of Most Blessed Sacrament Church,

As you all know, we are now in the Lenten season and this is a very important time in the Catholic faith as we focus on drawing closer to God and our Lord Jesus Christ before the Easter Celebration. During Youth Ministry on this past Sunday, I asked our Teens, "What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Lent?" This question was followed by answers of, "We must give up something for 40 days", or "We can only eat Fish on Fridays", and some even were quite honest by saying, "I'm not really sure what Lent is all about."

As a Teenager, this is exactly how I felt about Lent. As soon as I designated something I would give up, such as bubble gum, TV, or Sega Genesis on Sundays, (and yes I just showed my age for all those video game enthusiasts), or make my rice bowl contribution then I knew that I'd fulfilled my burdensome Lenten obligation. that I'm older I now realize and understand much better what Lent is REALLY about, and this is what we discussed in Youth Ministry.

Lent is simple in my eyes these days. Lent is about drawing closer to God, and identifying those things in our lives that serve as obstacles to the spiritual "oneness" that we crave and desire. In other words, Lent serves as a sort of spiritual "Spring Cleaning" that puts us in a position to fully give ourselves to God, thus receiving from God the peace, joy, and righteousness that is available to us.

However, what has been emphasized in Youth Ministry, in addition to the Lenten season, is what we are calling a "Lenten Lifestyle." I think that Lent and the meaning, and purpose behind Lent is blessed and extremely useful. However, we miss the spirit of it if Lent is just a season and not a lifestyle. What we've been discussing in Youth Ministry is that we should use Lent as an opportunity to begin a fresh path of "holiness" and "seeking God" with the intention of incorporating this into our lives far beyond Lent. As Paul shares with us in 1 Corinthians 15:31,

I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.

Yes...daily we should seek God, and daily we should fight to overcome obstacles to holiness and righteousness in our lives. Daily we should seek to show compassion upon the oppressed and downtrodden. Daily we should fall on our knees and ask God, "What is your Will and Plan for my Life" and submit to the answer that is given. Daily we should take up our cross and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is then that Lent expands beyond our normal 40 day window, and becomes a 365 day life changing process.

Lastly, I asked our Teens to not only identify something that they would give up for Lent, but to also identify something that they would begin doing. For example, in addition to giving up social media, as some of our Teens offered up as their Lenten sacrifice, I asked them to consider praying for 15 minutes a day, or read one (1) scripture each day and meditate on that scripture before their day ends or begins.

Lent is a time for Spiritual growth and my hope is that our Youth experience a Lenten season that is fruitful, and that serves as a catalyst for even greater spiritual realizations than they've had before.

God Bless,

Lyndon Batiste
Youth Minister
Most Blessed Sacrament Church
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