Smart About SHARKS

All About Sharks

Sharks are not aggressive

Sharks can't really see, especially, when the water is murky. So when they see you paddling on a surfboard they think that you are a seal. Or you look good to eat. When they come to take a bite they don't know that your not a seal or that you are not shark bait. You see sharks are not aggressive, it's all just a misunderstanding.

Why do people think sharks are aggressive

People think sharks are aggressive all because of a movie, i think you've heard of it, JAWS. Ever since that movie came out people are hunting and killing the most beautiful animals on this plant. I'm very glad that sharks have good camouflage. Their black or gray top gives them the ability, to stay hidden because, when you look down you can't really see the shark with its gray or black top. And some sharks just don't really come to the surface so if you want that tip then you would need to go underwater, witch is a bit more difficult.

why people should love sharks

As you can see sharks are not bad. They are just curious. Sharks are very cool and awesome animals. People just have the wrong idea of a Sharks. I hope you enjoyed this writing, what i really hope is for people to stop killing and hunting sharks. People should love these to cool for school sharks.