Warren Johnson Hyde Park New York

Inspections and Monitoring

2015 NBA Champions

The NBA is the highest level of competitive professional basketball. With 30 teams in the National Basketball Association, this leaves a championship based around teams that are seeded into playoffs. The format starts off with the Eastern Conference in the Western Conference having a first-round that determines who will go on to the conference semifinals.

In 2015, the two championship teams for the East and the Western Conference were the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Conference Cavaliers played games against the Boston Celtics which they swept in four games to none. They would go on to play the Chicago Bulls in win four games to two. Then they would play the Atlanta Hawks and sweep them for straight victories. The Western Conference champions would be the Golden State Warriors, which defeated the New Orleans Pelicans by sweeping them for games. Then they would reach the conference semifinals by defeating the Memphis Grizzlies four games to two. In the conference final, they would meet against the Houston Rockets and defeat them for games to one.

The stage was set for the start of its first game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors would win game one in overtime. The second game Cleveland won in overtime tying up the series. The third game would go to Cleveland putting them on the lead 2 to 1 in the series. The Golden State Warriors would take the next three games winning the NBA title. Warren Johnson, from Hyde Park, New York, is a fan of the Golden State Warriors.

Reports and Reprimands

Issuing warnings about rule violations, and evicting unwanted visitors, are dual skills of both the security guard, and the alert and on-duty property manager. Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York’s excellent communication skills help him tremendously as he writes reports of daily activities and business procedures of the property, including any irregularities, like damage, theft, incidents with individuals or law enforcement, or other notable occurrences.

History of Apartments

As a property manager intimately concerned with apartments and apartment living, Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York is fascinated with the long history of apartment dwelling. The Chacoan Indian people of New Mexico, in the 10th century, built and resided in large dwellings with more than 900 rooms. Cairo in the medieval period, housed multiple tenants at one time in early high rises, seven stories tall and resembling minarets.

Some of these apartment buildings rose to 14 stories, and had roof gardens on the top story with oxen drawn water wheels for irrigation. The lower classes of ancient Rome lived in space on the upper floors of buildings with shops and taverns on the ground level. With as many as 200 stair steps, vertical living has been a dangerous concept, as ancient Roman mud apartments could suddenly crumble from earthquakes or torrential downpours, or heads could roll if one interfered with King Louis XV’s visits to his mistress on a separate floor of the palace at Versailles.

Things improved in apartment construction after 1920, especially due to funding help from the New Deal legislation. For the first time, high rise apartments were built with elevators. After the introduction of steel and glass in the 50’s, apartments came to resemble their present appearance. The addition of luxury items like pools, tennis courts and air conditioning, brought renovated buildings from the early 20th century into such admiration, many are still in use today. Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York works to preserve and protect the integrity Benview Apartments, his responsibility as property manager of the complex.

Refurbishing and Restoring

The refurbishment of apartment units involves both small details, like replacing filters in furnaces, and big ticket items, like the possible replacement of outdated appliances. Forward thinking managers evaluate the cost and value added aspects of energy-efficient appliances, including furnaces and water heaters. At this most basic level of apartment refurbishing, to the larger issues of building remodel and landscape maintenance, the savvy apartment manager is constantly investigating costs, bids, property comparisons and values and keeping his owner updated regarding all statistics on the complex. Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York keeps a constant eye to maximizing the cash flow of his complex, while providing the best units with a high level of reliability in equipment and service.

Best apartment management practices keep the owner apprised of the condition, upgrades and tenancy of the complex on a daily basis. Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York is always aware of the current status of design, construction, materials, layout, tenancy, and maintenance of the property. Warren supplies his owner updates on the number of, size of, and rent levels, of the various units on the property relative to the same information from other properties in the area. The employees of the unit, including workers of contracting companies and workers on the property’s maintenance crew and in the front offices, are under the direct supervision of the manager, and Warren Johnson of Hyde Park, New York concerns himself on a daily basis with the quality of those employees, their interactions with tenants, guests and phone contacts, and the quality of the services they provide.

Property Management Requires Multi-Tasking Efforts

There are many ways that a property manager can take advantage of becoming a master of their trade. Usually by taking a procedure and perfecting it you have refined the process from tasks that may typically be challenging. When a property manager starts utilizing protocols that make their craft easier on them, they will have more success. Success is something that can be enjoyed by anyone, especially when there is so much responsibility involved. By becoming more efficient at a profession, one can enjoy the benefits of fewer worries and more production opportunities. Being more conservative at what you do on a day-to-day basis can help open opportunities as a property manager to accomplish more tasks. In the past most property managers just simply had to work on doing collections, contracting and worry about repairs. Property managers now have the opportunity to take educational courses that may excel their ability to multitask. One of the great opportunities that come up is the option of using technology to organize and process information quickly. Computers have a great way of being able to work out billing and mortgage arrangements with less effort in previous years.

A great advancement is the use of security cameras and doing background checks to ensure the safety of the tenants in a facility. Warren Johnson is a property manager in Hyde Park, New York. He has an Associate’s degree in criminal justice which he utilizes during the application phase for rentals. Warren Johnson Hyde Park New York is very aware of all the necessary means to secure the facility from potential threats.