Virtual MLK Celebration

Please remember Portland's signature Martin Luther King tribute and celebration is virtual this year. The World Arts Foundation is hosting its 36th Annual Tribute to MLK on Monday 1/18 from 12:00-5:00 PM. Please see link below for more information.

Limited In-Person Instruction

Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) will be starting in Portland Public Schools over the next several weeks. LIPI is having small groups of targeted students come to PPS buildings for two-hour sessions, 1-4 times per week. Please see below for details about LIPI at MLC.

-LIPI is supplementary to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), which is the online instruction that is happening now with teachers. LIPI is not intended to replace the whole class activities currently provided through CDL.

-When LIPI starts at MLC, expect mostly guest or substitute teachers to be providing the instruction.

-LIPI would be 2 hour sessions, 1-4 times per week, depending on the service and student schedule.

-There would be training for staff providing LIPI focused on health and safety precautions.

-Within LIPI, all students would maintain consistent cohorts. For example, if a student is in Group 1 on Monday, they would always stay in that group in order to minimize contact with other students.

Currently, here is the order of priority for initiating LIPI at MLC:

1. Kx3 students:

-Students challenged by low attendance or engagement.

2. HS students needing Credit Recovery

-Our main focus would be on juniors and sophomores.

3. 6th and 9th graders

-Students challenged by low attendance, grades, or engagement.

-These grades were chosen because of the current transition into MLC at these two grade levels. About half of our 6th graders have never attended school in the building and most of our 9th graders have never attended school in the building.

Look for more newsletter updates with new information, including specific start dates. If you have questions, please email Mark at or call 503-577-7126.

Mark will also be available 1/19/21-1/22/21 from 12:00-12:30 at the following Google Meet link:

Yearbook Updates

  • Yearbook Photos Please:

    • Every couple of weeks, we will be putting out an ask for the community to please email photos to Melanie at Please include your student’s first and last name and grade and what is happening in the photos that you send. This week we are asking you to please send photos of:

      • Fall-O-Breations please. This can be any celebrations or traditions that you and your family do in the fall.

      • Back to School/School Set Up During Distance Learning please. We all know school is looking different this year, so if you have first day of school photos, or photos of your student at work that you’re comfortable sharing, please do!

      • Elective Photos

      • Winter Celebration/Tradition Photos

      • Winter Break Photos

      • Newly learned skills during COVID-19/Distance Learning

      • Please feel free to email Melanie other photos as well

Library Announcements

From your Library team, Tini & Tim

See link below for updates:

Student and Family Support: Message from Jeanette, Kelly, and Clement

7x12 Student Support Group - Mondays 3-3:45pm

Students, we understand the unique challenges of this school year and the various ways it is impacting you, and we want to help as best we can. All students in 7x12 are invited to join Clement (MLC social worker) and Jeanette (MLC 6x12 school counselor) on Mondays from 3-3:45pm to talk about anything that is coming up for you during this challenging time. We believe that it is important to come together as one community and support each other. Please try to arrive on time so that no one gets interrupted while sharing. We hope to see you there, the link is below.

7x12 Student Support Group Zoom Link

Family Drop-in Support

Distance learning has placed added stress and challenges on families. The counseling team at MLC would like to offer an optional drop-in space for families to connect, receive support, process and ask questions. There will be 3 different drop-in hours each week in an effort to work with your availability, see the chart below. You don't have to come to the hour that fits your grade level, as we are all on the same team to support you. We will use the same zoom link for each one.

Family Drop-in Support Zoom Link

Big picture

Support/Affinity Groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth

Please see links below for support/affinity groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth.

Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group

PPS Native HS Student Group

PPS Native MS Student Group

Need School Supplies for Home?

If you need any basic school supplies i.e. paper, pencils, protractors, compasses, etc. please contact Kathleen in the office for more information.

Materials Pickup/Delivery Request Form: Materials pick-up resumes December 7th

Materials pick-up at MLC resumes on December 7th.

Pickup times:

Monday 10:00-2:00

Thursday 10:00-2:00

Materials will be staged in the cafeteria. Masks and social distancing required. Look for signs directing to the front or cafeteria door.

Your child's teacher will let families know if there are materials at the school that need to be picked up. If the Monday or Thursday times don't work, please submit an office request at this link and we'll find an alternate time.

If you are unable to come to MLC because of health concerns or cannot find any alternate times to come to the school please fill out the form below

Link to new Kx12 Materials Delivery Request Form

MLC Office Request Form

Please submit a request in this form if you need something from the MLC Office staff.

PPS Password Resets

If you need to reset your child's PPS password, please fill out form at link below.

Technology Request Form

If you need to borrow technology from PPS, please click on link below:

Link to new Kx12 Delivery Request Form

Contact Info

Mark Van Hoomissen
School phone: 503-916-5737
Cell phone: 503-577-7126