Old and New Technology

september 2016, Emma Martinson

Old Technology

The Apple lle was the first mac invented. it had a box, a base, and a floppy disk. It was a little computer that was really boxy. When it was invented the stuff it could do was mind blowing to people.

Kids react to an old computer and realize how is wasn't has easy as there technology now. How the on button was in the back and how you had to use floppy disks. There was no internet. A single computer was 23 pounds. They never realized how fortunate they are to have technology we have now.

New Technology.

The technology we have today is so amazing. We have the the internet with google. We have Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and so much more. We can use the internet without connecting to our phones. We can play games without using a floppy disk. We can play music on basically every device. Our power buttons are right infant of us. They devices we have today usually weigh less the 10 pounds so its an easy carry. They are very helpful in school. We are very lucky.

New Technology includes