Jenna Johnson

about me

My interests


-Being with family


-Hanging out with friends

-playing sports

-listening to music


What you sould and shouldnt do while typing:

1. Sit up straight, dont slouch.

2. Keep your feet flat on the ground, dont spread them out.

3. Have your legs parrellel with the floor, not facing down.

4. Be centered between the "b" and the "n" key.

5. Keep your wrists up, dont rest them on the desk or table.

6. Have some distance between you and the keyboard, dont be to close.

7. Start with your fingers on the home row of the keyboards, and down chicken peck.

8. Try to look up, and not looking at the keys while your typing.

9. Stay relaxed.

10. adjust your chair so your eyes overlook the top of the computer, dont be to low or to high.