The Coming Storm

Misshapes: Alex Flynn

Have you heard of this book?

This is a thrilling book if your ready for excitement, entertainment, and adventure. This group of "Misshapes," as they are labeled, have superpowers. Or should you say interesting powers. They each have unique powers, but society has deemed them useless. Society makes them outcasts. The only way they would fit in is if they west to Hero Academy. Hence the name, hero academy is where heroes are made and developed. An administrator has it through his head that he must destroy all misshapes, this is a war and adventure. Not all the friends are prepared, but together they pull through.
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Main Character: Sarah Robertson

Fifteen-year-old Sarah Robertson can control the weather with her emotions and yearns to attend Hero Academy, where she can train to be a full-fledged Hero. However, her mother has made society give her family the cold shoulder. She worked with the school, then vanished one day, and took to a life of crime. This has made it hard on her family, Sarah having no mother to grow up with, and having to take care of her brother and father by herself. Sarah has a unique talent that should have gotten her into Hero Academy, but her mother's situation stopped that. She is able to control the weather, but only with her emotions. Throughout the story she is learning to control it.


Sarah finds people who are just like her, living in her school. They at first keep a distance, and then they soon come together and create a strong group of friends. Together they fight against the highly elite heroes that team with Hero Academy and the awful administrator Mr. ??