Mrs. Zaputil's Weekly News 5

What's Happening in 3rd Grade?

A Week in Review:

Language Arts:

  • Spelling: Long vowel a words
  • Grammar: sentences- predicates
  • Genre: Nonfiction- Biography
  • Comprehension Strategy: Ask/Answer Questions
  • Comprehension Skill: Text structure- cause and effect
  • Vocabulary: Metaphors


Chapter 2: Place Value and Number Sense.

  • 2.4 Logical Reasoning using base ten blocks

This lesson was very difficult. This lesson was taught on Monday and we reviewed on Tuesday before moving on to patterns. Logical reasoning required students to write a given number in different base ten block ways. For example- Tell two different ways to show 654 using base ten blocks. There are several ways to show this, but here are a few examples:

1. 6 hundreds 5 tens 4 ones

2. 6 hundreds 54 ones (show a number without using any tens)

3. 5 hundreds 15 tens 4 ones

4. 6 hundreds 4 tens 14 ones

5. 65 tens and 4 ones (trade all hundreds)

We used a fun virtual base ten blocks website to help us visualize. It's a great tool, if you get a chance to let your child explore, you could practice this skill by giving students a number and asking them to show it in different ways using the base ten blocks. All students can use practice with this skill! Here is the website: Virtual Base Ten Blocks. I also learned on this website, if you click on "Activities" at the top, and select "Compare" on the drop down menu, your child can practice showing one number two different ways and visually see both ways.

* Another great place to practice Place Value is on IXL! Please encourage your child to be using IXL at home! This is a great tool and we're fortunate to have access to it!

  • 2.5 Algebra Number Patterns
  • 2.6 Five and Six Digit Place Value

Students need to be able to write a given number in

  1. Standard form: 357,928
  2. Expanded form: 300,000 + 50,000 + 7,000 + 900 + 20 + 8
  3. Word form: three hundred fifty-seven thousand nine hundred twenty-eight

We talked about the importance of not saying or writing "and" when reading numbers.

Students need to remember numbers get tricky when a zero is in one of the place values

  1. Standard form: 60,421
  2. Expanded form: 60,000 + 400 + 20 + 1
  3. Word form: sixty thousand four hundred twenty-one

  • Right now we're planning to take our Chapter 2 math test on WEDNESDAY, September 24th. We started our chapter review today and we'll finish on Monday. Then on Tuesday, because students will take their third MAP test (language test) that morning, we'll miss math, leaving our math test for Wednesday.

Social Studies:

On Tuesday, we took our Chapter 1 test. You should find your child's test in their envelope today! We went over the test as a class yesterday.

Today we introduced Chapter 2: Where in the United States is Our Community

  • We spent time going over cardinal directions and intermediate directions according to our classroom today. We will talk about directions a lot in this chapter about our community within the United States.
  • On Monday, we'll start 2.1 The 50 States

Spelling Next Week

Click here (Unit 1 Week 5) to view next week's spelling list. We will be working on the long o vowel pattern. There are five different patterns with long o students will use.
  • o
  • oa
  • o_e
  • ow
  • oe

Next Week's Wonders Curriculum Focus

In your child's envelope tonight, you should find a new purple weekly outline sheet. This is what our focus will be next week. It should read "Unit 1 Week 5" at the top of the flag on the left hand side of the paper. I plan to send one of these helpful sheets home with students on the last day of each week to help them prepare for the upcoming week.

First reading test essay

Today, students answered their first essay question as part of their weekly reading test. Students are expected to write their answer using complete sentences and use text evidence. I was pleased with students' grammar mechanics in their sentences today. With practice the content of their answers will get better, but for the first one, I thought it went well. We started the beginning of the essay together, then students were asked to complete the rest of it on their own. We're looking for essays to be no longer than 3-4 sentences.

  • Scores were lower again this week. Keep in mind this was another nonfiction test, and with questions relating to cause and effect, it seemed to be more difficult for many. We went over the test together quickly at the end of the day, but if students have some time at home this weekend it wouldn't hurt students to go back through questions they missed and find text evidence for the question to find the right answers (tests are in their envelopes). This morning I read the first passage to them, then they answered the questions and went on to read the second passage on their own and answer the questions with it. We all waited to go on to the essay together.


We will continue with MAP tests next week (Tuesday and Thursday).

  • Tuesday- language test
  • Thursday- science test

Please remind your child of the importance of getting a good rest and eating a good breakfast in the morning. So far testing has gone well in our classroom for the most part. There have been a few technological complications, but overall, students have done great!

Spell-A-Thon Fundraiser by the K.I.D.S Group

Pledge money was due today. If you happened to forget, please send the money with your child on Monday! Thanks again for your support!

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