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Cheongna Dalton High School's Weekly Newsletter

August 16, 2019

Jason Musselman, Assistant Director

From the Assistant Director

Hello CDS Community,

We are just days away from another school year! This past week we had our entire staff building community, incredible lessons and collaborating to make this year as successful as possible. Our staff is fantastic, and I invite you to get to know our new team members by watching their introduction videos, created during staff orientation, below. While training with the faculty has been fun, the building is still missing the energy our students bring to it. My colleagues and I are eagerly awaiting the 19th to welcome you all back!

Our first day will start in Dalton Hall at 8am where we will kick start the year with our whole school welcome assembly. There we will make sure that every student is ready for the school year ahead! (CDS week one schedule)

Just a reminder to students: you have two weeks to determine if you would like to make a change in your schedule. Enter your classes with an open mind, but certainly consider your options. Students should also keep an eye on the start of our Volleyball and Cross Country seasons, which will start the first week of school. Sign up for the tryouts below.

While the students will be welcomed on the 19th, we are also looking forward to welcoming our parents back to school on the 27th of August! Our back to school night event will begin in Dalton Hall at 5:45pm. You can find more information about this event below.

Please make sure to check out the rest of the newsletter for information about our yearly service trip to Thailand and a recap of our students competing in the National History Day competition in Washington D.C.

I look forward to seeing all of our students at the start of next week!

All the best,

Jason Musselman

Assistant High School Director

CDS Staff Orientation

Welcome Back! - 2019-20 Staff

A Look Ahead: CDS Week 1

Student Organization Announcements

The school has been making numerous changes this year to enhance our student experience. One of those changes is to our student organizations. Last year, students voices resoundingly desired more time devoted to exploring their passions and to reduce their workload outside of school. We have answered those calls with a new schedule which will dedicate three hours of our schedule every week to student organizations. In previous years, students could only join one club that officially met twice a week during the school week. This year, there is room in the schedule for up to four clubs that meet weekly and even more which meet less frequently. You can check out all the great new changes in our student handbook!

With the school year fast approaching, leaders of student organizations should ensure that their clubs have filled out the necessary paperwork.

1) The last day to secure a weekly club meeting during Student Organization Time (previously known as CC) will be August 21st.

2) All clubs (new or old) are required to complete the club application form by August 23rd. This is a new measure that will help the school keep track of our clubs as well as their purpose and goals.

3) Every club will be asked to participate in the school's first annual club fair known as "Tastes of CDS". In order to participate all clubs should complete the simple form linked here by August 23rd. The event will be held on the 28th and students will be given a chance to prepare for the event during the Student Organization Time on Friday the 23rd.

Please take some time to reach out to your student leaders and make sure they have completed the necessary forms. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Jason Musselman (

High School Cross Country Tryouts (Boys & Girls)

Monday, Aug. 19th, 4pm

CDS Soccer Field

This years Cross Country team hopes to continue to make improvements after their best season yet in 2018-19!

If you love running, competing, community and fitness then join! If you have any questions please reach out to the head coach: Mr. Chris Martin (

Tryouts will be on Monday (8/19) and Wednesday (8/21)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Boys Varsity Volleyball Tryouts

Monday, Aug. 19th, 4pm

CDS High School Gym

Last year the program made big gains despite having a young team. This year they look to continue their growth! Tryouts will be held on Monday (8/19) and Wednesday (8/21).

If you have any questions, please reach out to this years newest head coach: Mr. Cheyenne Reed (

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Girls Varsity Volleyball Tryouts

Tuesday, Aug. 20th, 4pm

CDS High School Gym

Graduating very few seniors last year, this group is really exciting to watch. Mr. T has coached the team for a very long time and is dedicated to helping every player reach their potential. Tryouts will be held on Tuesday (8/20) and Thursday (8/22).

If you have any questions, please reach out to this years newest head coach: Mr. Craig Tronsgard (

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CDS New Faculty & Staff!

CDS New Hires - 2019-20 - College Counseling

New Faculty & Staff Signings

We are thrilled to welcome to our community a great new group of skilled and versatile practitioners! Having had the pleasure of working with them for the past week I can say with great confidence that they will add a great deal to our shared community! They are a great group and I look forward to the impact they make in our schools alongside our great returning staff.

This past Thursday we had an unofficial signing press conference for each of our teachers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Below you will find links to every interview:

Jennifer Ackerman - College Counseling

Joy McBryne - Math

Rachel Jeon - Math

Ty Muennink - Art

Marina Lopez Gemez - Spanish

Chris Williams - Social Studies

Desiree Stant - Drama

Jinsun Choi - HS Assistant

Emma Carley - Assistant Librarian

Updates & General Information

National History Day 2019: Cheongna Dalton School

NHD teaches. NHD prepares. NHD inspires. by Jasmine Kwon (Class of 2020)

National History Day is a constant challenge. After winning the honorable second place from the NHD Korea 2019, two groups from CDS and our one and only coordinator Mr.Riniker attended the national round in NHD 2019 hosted in Washington D.C University of Maryland. The seven days we spent still remain one of my most treasured memories, as they were filled with new life lessons and unforgettable moments. Even though our group participated in the national round last year as well, but this year everything was different because we had different topics, project categories, and most importantly a refurbished, growth-mindsets. Just when we felt we were ready, NHD taught us that in fact, we had just begun.

Working with the greatest teammates, I witnessed the power of collaboration. Starting with research, analysis, abstracts, organizing of sources, preparation for interviews, our group worked day and night to complete our exhibit. Smallest details such as exhibit designs and packaging boards required consensus from every teammate. We started our research since August and met once a week by assigning different tasks each week. Willingness to listen to each other and trust the team allowed us to reach our goals in making a product that we were eventually proud of. NHD prepared us to become a better team with essential collaboration skills.

Every year, more than 6,000 worldwide students participate in NHD and this year 400 of them were Korean students from 19 different international schools. Participating in NHD allowed us to meet students from different cultural and educational backgrounds. Because our team strongly wanted to represent Korea through our project, we decided to focus on the historical significance of the Korean War and show the triumph and tragedy at a much larger context. We wanted to show that the war was more than just an event between the two countries but intertwined with much more complex relations. Our team grew genuinely interested in our own project, and we could not stop thinking or talking about it. We never considered ourselves as history ‘nerds’, but our affection towards the project was our only drive to continue our passion. Building the project from scratch, and feeling the sense of duty to represent Korea and our school, we were compelled throughout our time at NHD to consider deeply about what it was that we were trying to achieve here. NHD inspired me to explore my genuine academic passion in a much more global setting.

With the unforgettable experiences at NHD, my teammates and I have earned successful results by receiving the Best Affiliate Award. As we continuously grow attached to our time at NHD, we look forward to our upcoming chapters in National History Day Korea 2020 which is once again hosted in CDS.

I would like to end with a huge shoutout to my teammates Chaerin, Sally and the other group Tomo, Charles, Seung-wan, and Jun for having the best teammates for this NHD trip!

Upcoming Events

Back To School Night - August 27th - 5:45pm

Welcome Back CDS!

Dear CDS High School Parents,

I hope all of you have had a fantastic summer vacation full of rest and relaxation. We are so excited to welcome all of you back to CDS for another fantastic year of growth in the 2019-20 school year.

CDS teachers have been working hard over the summer to develop their lessons and create a positive learning environment where all students can achieve their learning goals.

Together we will do our best to help students to grow academically and develop the 21st century skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond. We will discuss this in more detail during our upcoming Back to School Night event.

Back to School Night

We invite you to attend our Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 27th from 5:45 to 8pm.

This year the format for our class will be a little different. Instead of three nights for various grades, we will be doing a single night where parents get the opportunity to meet each of their student’s teachers in their classroom. You will want to have the ability to look at your student’s schedule and classroom location on Powerschool (This will not be available until early August). You can see the schedule of events below.

Come find out about how we plan on helping your child succeed and how we can be partners in this endeavor. This is a great opportunity to strengthen our community and an important one in the start of a year long journey.

We are thrilled to have your students join us this year and I hope to see you at the event!


Please do not allow your lack of English stop you from joining us. While we can not accommodate all parents, we generally have 5-10 student volunteers who can follow you from class to class and translate for you. If you need their services please do not hesitate to reach out.

We also encourage you to bring your own students who can help you as well.

CDS Goes To Thailand - January 4th - 10th, 2020

Every year CDS students join Rustic Pathways on a service trip! Our school motto is "pioneering to serve!" and we hope to continue to give back to the community yet again this year.

Mark your calendars for January 4th and join your peers to Udon Thani, Thailand! Help those in need, learn about Thai culture, bond with your friends, earn community service hours (60 are required to graduate) and have a great deal of fun!

More information coming soon!

Dormitory Orientation

Sunday, Aug. 18th, 6pm

Cheongna Dalton School, Gyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea


We are thrilled to welcome all students back to CDS including new students! We would like to inform you that there will be a Dorm Orientation for the 2019-2020 new school year. During the dorm orientation, you can get some information regarding overall dorm guidelines and regulations for students.

We will start at 6pm in the Small Theater. Our Associate Head of School, Mr. Seongho Baek will be welcoming the Dorm Orientation and our dorm supervisors will also be introduced to parents and students officially on that day. After the welcome session, all students are invited to move to student dorm and get the orientation.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.