CFL September Family Newsletter

Week of September 6th

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Mission and Vision Statements

CFL Vision

At CFL, we are an uplifting crew who embrace our students, staff, and families in a kind and fun learning environment where all can grow.

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CFL Communication

Dear CFL Families,

  • We have had a great few weeks of school. Teaches are building relationships with your child(ren) and together they are creating procedures, routines and systems in their classrooms. If you ever have questions or concerns please reach out to your child's teacher. We are here to partner and support however we can!

  • Kiss and go protocol is getting so much smoother. Thank you to all for being flexible Remember we will open doors at 8:40. Parents say their goodbyes and staff members will greet students and support getting them to their class.

  • Remember to sign and return all paperwork that your child has brought home over the last 2 weeks.

  • If you haven't please read our Attendance policy. Having your child at school every day is so important to their success. It is located below.

Late Students - If your student arrives late, you will need to escort your child to the front office. We have 2 office staff and your wait time may be increased if you arrive late.

Early Check-Out - If you are checking your student out early, please call ahead and we will try to have your student ready by the time you get to the school. Please allow 15 minutes before you arrive. Students will still need to be signed out by a parent or guardian at the front office.

Changes in End of Day routines - If you need to change your child’s normal end of day routine please call the school before 3:00 pm to allow us time to ensure the message gets to the teachers before students are released.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school! Veronica Duran and Miriam Baltazar, our friendly and super helpful secretaries, are in the office Tuesday through Friday and can be reached from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the school at (970) 285-5702.

With Gratitude,

Kim Frees (Principal) and the CFL Faculty and Staff

Just a quick reminder that we are a four day school week!

Tuesday thru Friday

We begin our day at 8:40 a.m.

We end our day at 4:20 p.m.

Pancake Breakfast Highlights

Thank you to all who joined us for our Pancake Breakfast on Friday. A special shout out to our fire department for making all the delicious pancakes. We had a great turn out with over 100 guests. We appreciate your partnership in your child's education.
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Learn About Raptor Our New Screening System

Dear Garfield 16 Community,

Beginning Tuesday, September 6th, any visitors entering a school during the school day will go through a screening process in the office. Visitors will be screened through the Raptor system which checks registered sex offender databases. The system produces an ID badge sticker with the visitor’s name and picture that the visitor wears for the duration of the visit.

How it works?

The visitor provides his/her driver’s license to the secretary for scanning. Once scanned, the visitor is stored in the school’s system as an approved visitor. The visitor received an ID badge sticker with the visitor’s name and picture and date of the visit. If the visitor returns, the information is stored in the system so the visitor just has to give his/her name to the secretary, and the secretary can print out a new badge with a new date.

What if the visitor doesn’t have a driver’s license?

The secretary can enter the visitor’s name in the database. This takes a bit more time, so having a driver’s license is helpful.

What happens if someone with a sex offense record tries to come into the school?

The Raptor system sends an alert to the principal who will handle the situation. If the visitor is a parent and must attend a meeting for his/her child, the parent will be escorted by a staff member at all times.

Does the Raptor database show a person’s full criminal record?

No. It only links to the sex offender database for all 50 states.

Who will need to go through the screening process?

Anyone who is visiting the school will go through this screening process. Examples include:

  • Parents coming into the school for a meeting, activity, or event that occurs during the school day. This includes parents who may be helping in the school during the school day.
  • Guest speakers, contractors, and other visitors authorized by the principal.

What about volunteers?

Volunteers will also be screened using the Raptor system, but they also need to have an FBI background check that includes fingerprinting. Volunteers may be alone with students or supervise students, so we have this added layer of protection to keep the students safe. Contact the school’s principal for more information about volunteers.

Will the schools use Raptor for after school events?

No. Raptor will only be used during the school day when students are in school.

Our goal is to keep our students safe. We encourage parents to attend activities and events to support their children, and we want to make it easy for parents to attend. We believe the Raptor system will be a faster and more convenient way to register as a visitor to the school.

Tuesday Folders

Communication between home and school is vital for student success. Each Tuesday your child will bring home a Tuesday Folder filled with student work, information and school communication.

Take a moment to sit with your child and go over items in their folder. If you have any questions or comments please add them as we are here to support you however we can. Please return the folder to school the next day.

Picture Day

Picture Day will be September 30th. Look for information in your Child's Tuesday folder soon.


If you haven't already please stop by the office and give them your child's most recent immunixation records.

School Supplies

  • Garfield 16 fasvproviding all school supplies again this year. We are very blessed. Please make sure students have a backpack, water bottle and a sturdy pair of tennis shoes for PE and recess.

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Pre-School News

Preschool - If will be dropping your child off at CFL you will go to the Preschool back doors, which can be found on the west side of the building. Please park on the west end of the building along Parachute Avenue - DO NOT park in the bus loading zone as it will cause busses to be late. You will then enter the Preschool playground and follow the color line for the teacher your child will have this year. There will be only one gate available for entry/exit of the playground . Please see the image for the route you will take as you drop off/pick up your child each day.

If you are dropping your child off at BUE for Preschool you will drop off at the side doors on the left front of the building. DO NOT park in the bus loading zone as it will cause busses to be late. Please park in the parking lot and use the crosswalk to walk your child to their teacher's door. Teachers will be out to greet you.

Family Resource Center

Our School Based Family Resource Center does a great job connecting Garfield16 Students and Families with resources. Please check out their Facebook Page and Website for for information about programs and resources, which may benefit you and your family.



Please do not hesitate to reach out to our School Based Family Resource Center for more information.


Claudia Flores Cruz

Center Coordinator


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Transportation and Bus Routes

In an effort to even out busloads and to achieve quicker drop-off times, some bus routes have changed. Please click the button below. If you have questions please call the Transportation office at 970-285-5700 ext. 5130.

If you need more information please contact our Transportation Director - Steve Gardner at

970-285-5700 ext 5130

Transportation Website

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus are available on our district and school website!

School Breakfast and Lunch menus are currently being created and updated for the start of the school year. If you are ever looking for the breakfast and lunch menus, please visit our district Nutrition Department Website where you can link directly to each month's menus. These menus can also be accessed on the CFL Website. Menus will be posted as soon as they are ready for the year!

Please keep in mind that menus have the potential to change A LOT depending on staffing issues, and product availability. Our Nutrition Department does their best to honor the posted menus, however they can be heavily impacted for a variety of reasons. If you ever have any questions, please call 285-5701 ext. 4180 with any questions or email

Free and Reduced Lunch Packet

Please fill out even if you do not think you qualify. We thank you as your effort supports grant writing and funding initiatives district-wide. The packet is in both English and Spanish.