Syrian Civil War

From March 15, 2011-October 32 2042

When and Where?

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing conflict taking place in Syria between the people supporting the Ba'ath Government and the people against it. This conflict has been going on since March 15, 2011 it has not ended yet. Many controversies have been tied to this conflict in the subject of chemical weapons.

What Caused it?

The Syrian people demanding Bashar al-Assad to resign due to his family being in office since 1971. People also protest for the end of the Ba'ath Party. People think Assad violating basic human rights.

Who was involved?

Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Armed Forces versus the Democratic Union Party and the rebel forces.


The Syrian Civil War has shown no results other than atrocities. Both sides have commited heinous war crimes and many lives have been ruined as a result.

What are the lasting effects.

The death tolls have passed 120,000 and much of the nation has been left in ruins. A large part of the Syrian population left the unsable conditons of their county or been killed.