California Drought

By: Midori Pedroza


California has wet winters and dry summers. And California relies on the the snow from the mountains. Because they relies on the mountains and because of drought and heat the snow is melting fast and we are not able to get to the snow fast enough. And it certain parts of California, the people can shower at the most of two days a week, and maybe even less depending on how many people living in your household.


Many animals that are on their own in California are having trouble getting the water they need and getting and nutrients to keep them alive. Because of the drought many animals could be starving and if most of their species die they will eventually become extinct. All you will have left of them is their bones and maybe a few pictures. And no one will give them the nutrients they need because they are struggling to get the nutrients for their own pets.

What will happen?

Scientists and experts confirmed."We're not seeing precipitation trending down progressively, so one shouldn't be alarmed that this is going to continue now for the next five or 10 years," Hoerling said. Since the drought will continue it will most likely worsen in the next 10 years. The drought now is already bad and if its going to get worse, the ground has already sunk 10 feet imagine adding an other 10 years of the drought. Many people don't want their lawns to be brown a ugly so some people are hiring people to paint their grass green or they are getting the grass removed and getting turf placed in.

Instead of skiing and swimming and playing outside in California they are struggling to keep the wild fires down and watering them down. But studies have shown you are less likely to contract the diseases during dry conditions.

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In conclusion Many peoples lifestyles change because of the water drought and the water drought it is only going to get worse.
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