Tobacco is the Worst!

Physical Concequences

.You can get different cancers

.You can get gum disease

.You can have very bad breath

.You can lose your teeth earlier than you need to.

Social Consequences

May not have no friends because of bad breath.

No one will talk or hang out with you.

Wont want to go out because of your teeth or breath stink.

May be embarrassed to go out because of your teeth and gums.

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Dangers of using tobacco

The dangers of using tobacco are that you can get bronchitis.If you have kids you can give them lung cancer by smoking near them they in hail.You can get many tips of cancers and diseases,Lung cancer,Gum diseases,Bronchitis,etc.that is all the harms you can from smoking.

Mental Emotional Effect's

Mental and Emotional can make you depressed.

Will make you tired and not as energetic.

Type of tobacco

There is two types of tobacco

smoking tobacco and non smoke tobacco.

For the smoking tobacco, there is cigarettes,cigars,pips.

For non smoking tobacco chewing tobacco,spit tobacco,loose leaves.