Communication & Employability

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Skills valued by employers

There are many skills valued by employers such as your technical ability this is vitally important to an employer simply because that is the main reason they would hire you. Although other features about you may be highly valued they aren't going to say you clearly know nothing about IT but we are hiring you cause you work well in a group. Another important skill to have is knowing how to act safely and responsibly in a work place not only for the safety of your self but for the safety of the people you work with. They are the main this an employer will look for when you are applying for jobs, but they will also look at things like your organisation skills, punctuality (comes under organisation), planning skills, time management and group work. Organisation: this is important because you will struggle to get any work done if you have to spend all day looking for a pen or looking through randomly named files to find what you were working on because you are organised. Punctuality:This is just part of being organised you will not last long at a company if everyday you are coming in and hour late every day because this is wasting an hour of the companies time, this is an hour they cant afford to lose.Planning skills: this is a really good skill to have is you can master it because doing the planning makes the work so much easier and an employer would know this. Time management: This comes under planning because this is planning how you will use your time and this means that everything wont be a last minute rush when trying to complete a task. Group work: very important in a work place because when you are needed to work in a you are relied on and it doesn't look good to an employer if you cant be relied on. Employers don't only look at your skills though they will also look at your attributes such as: how determined you are, independent, dependability, tolerance, problem solving, confidence, motivation and leadership. These are all extremely important to an employer as they need to know you can show these skills to prove that you would be a valuable asset to the company.

Principles of effective communication

Communication in a work place is vital and employers will look for people who can adapt to the different situations you might be in. These situations might include things like changing your accent and terminology to effectively communicate with customers of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, you could also be in a situation which would involve communicating with a person with a disability there for being able to improvise when placed in that situation by signing or written communication. You will also be expected to use your communication skills to engage an audience and make them want to invest or buy a product these skills are highly valued by employers. Communication isn't always verbal you would be expected to be able to communicate in writing such as emails and fax and letters.

Barriers of effective communications

The different barriers of communication are things like distractions, lack of communications, background noise, lack of focus and physical barriers.

To over come these barriers are choosing good locations to hold meeting and give your client your complete focus even if you are easily distracted choose somewhere to talk where there is nothing that can distract you this isn't much of your time to give. Being able to over come these skills is a big bonus when you are wanting to impress an employer.