All About Me

Taylor Huffman


I'm 17. My parents are divorced, but my dad remarried. Due to said marriage I now have a half brother named Ryan. I currently live with my mom and visit my dad over breaks and extended weekends. Mom and are staying with my grandparents on her side. She desperately wants to move out but I'm being far too picky for us to move anywhere. I have quite a few friends here in school, but I don't talk to most of them outside of the building
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What I Like to Do

Winter Break

I spent a couple of days lock in my room watching Netflix and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III. After that, I went to my dad's house.While there, we all played more Call of Duty just passing time until Christmas eve. We had a Christmas eve party and then opened presents the next day. I went back to see my mom on christmas day, but I then returned to my Dad's house on the 26th. We played our new PS4 games each day of the break after Christmas.. We celebrated New Years at my other Grandparents' house after a smaller family outing to see Star Wars. After that, the break ended fast and I came home, ready to return to school.