Monday Memo

June 8, 2013

TJ Updates

I was listening to a podcast interview with Tim Shriver. During the interview, he discussed how "great teachers love their students" and the impact of this had on his ability to get great things from his students. As I listened, I thought of how evident the love of students is at T.J. It is one of the many reasons that I love working here.

Thanks to Erin for organizing a wonderful evening to honor our retiring staff. This night highlighted not just the impact each staff member has had on many children, but the impact each staff member has on the rest of the staff. Throughout the evening, it was evident just how much of a family we are. Congratulations to all of our retirees... you will be missed next year.

Last week, our fifth graders had their D.A.R.E graduation. This year's D.A.R.E. essay winners were Ethan DeSalvo and Olivia Cross. Congratulations to all our fifth graders!

Here are some pictures from last week...


Tracy/Tricia, Hughes, Joe Lee

PM: Ayers, Spuhler, Emelson

Monday, June 8

    • SLOs - see schedule
    • 5th grade ELA field test
    • Board of Education Meeting, 7 pm, Board Room

    Tuesday, June 9

    • SLOs - see schedule
    • SST, 10 am, Reading Room
    • 4th grade Science Test Scoring, Teacher Center
    • Staff Meeting, 3:20, TJC Library

    Wednesday, June 10
    • SLOs - see schedule
    • 3rd Grade - Butterfly Guy visit

    Thursday, June 11

        • SLOs - see schedule
        • 24 Challenge, Cafetorium
        • Stephanie Pelcher with SST, PM, Teacher Center

          Friday, June 12

          • SLOs - see schedule
          • 1st Grade Patriotic Performance


          Websites, Blogs or Twitter accounts worth checking out

          Below are some websites or blogs I have found that I thought might be of interest to some of you. I will also add some interesting people to follow on twitter.

          Graffiti Wall of Learning

          This teacher had her students write on a butcher paper each day to record their learning. However, this could be a cool way to had students reflect on what they learned this year. Here's the link to the article.