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Friday, January 21, 2022

Every Student, Every Day, Deserves to Learn, Lead, & Excel!

Message from Ms. Perkins

Happy Friday to our Simoton families! Today marks 100 days that we have been in school. The school year is moving so quickly.

I was proud to have Kyara Myrie serve as the Student Principal for the Day. Kyara was one of many students to make a donation during our United Way fundraiser and was lucky enough to have her name pulled in the drawing. She did an excellent job serving as my co-principal.

Congratulations to all of our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who were recognized for academic excellence, perfect attendance, and for being good citizens. We can't wait to celebrate our 1st and 2nd grade students on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 is a GCPS Digital Learning Day. All schools will be closed. This is not a day off for students. All students are expected to log on to their teacher's eCLASS course page for assignments. Attendance will be taken.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kyara Myrie ~ Student Principal for the Day

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Tuesday, January 25th will be a Digital Learning Day.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, January 22

  • STEM Camp (3-5) ~ 9:00-11:00 am

Monday, January 24

  • Honor Ceremony for 1st & 2nd Grades

Tuesday, January 25

  • Digital Learning Day #4

Thursday, January 27

  • PTA Spirit Night at Sparkles ~ 5:00- 9:00 pm

Saturday, January 29

  • STEM Camp (3-5) ~ 9:00-11:00 am

Masks Required in GCPS

The latest Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) report on community transmission indicates "High" transmission of COVID-19 in Gwinnett County. As a result, masks are required in all GCPS facilities. Masks also are required on buses in compliance with federal mandates.

Under the school district’s current COVID-19 protocols, community transmission levels must be maintained at the "Moderate" or "Low" level for two consecutive weeks before district mask guidance transitions to “Strongly Recommended.”

Honor Ceremonies next week

Simonton Elementary School first and second grade students will be recognized on Monday, January 24, 2022. We will not be sharing the ceremony via Zoom. The ceremony will be recorded and shared with families.

World Read Aloud Day is coming up on February 2nd!!
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Roboknights at the First Lego League Competion

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AKS at Home

The third round of live virtual AKS at Home K-5 sessions are scheduled for January 25, 2022 - February 3, 2022, to support learning in the 3rd nine weeks of the year.

AKS at Home provides math and language arts resources to support families of children in grades K-5. Through live grade-specific Zoom sessions and helpful tip sheets, families of students in grades K-5 can learn ways to help their children practice key foundational skills they are learning in language arts and math.

Who: Parents of all elementary school students

What: Live Zoom sessions and Tip Sheets to support student mastery of AKS foundational skills in Language Arts and Math.

Where: AKS at Home webpage

When: Unit 3 Zoom sessions will be offered from January 25, 2022, to February 3, 2022, in English, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Please see the attached flyers and advertisements for grade level dates and times.

How: Register for Zoom sessions on the AKS at Home webpage

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Family Engagement Tips

Help your child learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Celebrate by helping your child do some research into King's life and work. What causes did he support? What did he believe in? Talk with your child about the concept of injustice. You may also want to read King's "I Have a Dream" speech together. Then talk about King's dreams and your child's dreams for a better future for society.

Make it easy for your child to tell the truth

Honesty is a habit. To help your child develop it, point out honesty when you see it. If your child hasn't done something you've asked, but honestly admits it, praise the honesty. "You do need to go make your bed now, but I'm glad you told the truth." And if your child isn't honest? Ask why not. "Were you afraid of getting in trouble?" Then ask, "What might you have done instead of lying?" Praise your child for coming to the right conclusion.

Let boredom teach time management skills

Time management is an important school skill. Learning to manage free time to avoid boredom is good practice for students. Build your child's skills by limiting recreational screen time and encouraging self-entertainment. Express confidence in your child's abilities: "I know you can think of something to do." To avoid trouble, be sure to stay aware of what your child is up to.

Handwashing helps keep kids healthy and learning

Attendance is important for school success. Taking recommended pandemic precautions is vital for keeping kids healthy and learning. That includes simple things, like hand washing. Teach your child to wash hands often, especially before eating, when coming in from outside and after using the bathroom. Have your child wet hands, lather with soap, and wash fronts, backs and between fingers for at least 20 seconds.

Care for the environment together

All living things depend on the environment. To teach your child the importance of caring for the environment, talk about how some resources are becoming scarce. Together, search online for a list of endangered species and learn more about them and their habitats. Explain that your family can help the Earth by reusing and recycling products to cut down on waste. You might also plant a tree together in the spring and show your child how to care for it.
Turn a walk into a fun way to learn
Sometimes the best way for a child to learn about the world is to get out in it. Try taking a "Stop, Look and Listen Walk" together. Walk for 100 steps, then stop for 30 seconds and make a record of everything you see and hear. Or take a "Question Walk," and think of questions about what you see (Why don't pine trees lose their needles?). Help your child find the answers when you get home.

Keeping up with assignments adds up to math success
If your child has homework in only one subject, it's likely to be math. Math builds on itself, and students have an easier time if they stay up-to-date with assignments. Have your child read through any sample problems and explain them to you. If the sample is confusing, remind your child to ask the teacher for help the next day. On days when there is no math homework, review basic math facts together.

Message from Georgia Gwinnett College

Dear Parents,

Georgia Gwinnett College is in the process of developing after school programming options for students in grades 3-8 and we would greatly appreciate your help. We would like to know what kinds of activities would help your student(s) be the best they can be during the school day, and what you believe they would like to be involved in (and or need) after school as well. We are excited about offering these programs on our campus for your student(s) soon. Your thoughts and opinions would help us create the best programming possible We would appreciate your help in designing programs that would fit the needs and interests of your student(s). We anticipate offering transportation from your home school to GGC's campus and the option to utilize transportation home, or parent pick up. These programs would be at no charge to parents or students and operate three days per week after school during the week and half days on Saturday during most of the academic year and part of the summer. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. We respectfully ask that you complete this survey by Tuesday, January 25, 2022. Thank you so much for your help.


The Georgia Gwinnett College School of Education

Parent Survey

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Simonton Elementary School ~ What We Stand For


Simonton is committed to dynamic high quality instruction resulting in a passion for learning, leading and excelling.

Core Belief

Every Student Every Day, Deserves to Learn, Lead, and Excel


  • We commit to giving our students a fresh start every day.

  • We commit to preparing quality and engaging lessons that will prepare our students to be successful in school.

  • We commit to teaching, modeling and holding our students accountable for appropriate school behavior.

  • We commit to providing our students with a structured and safe learning environment.

  • We commit to a great year of learning, leading, and excelling

Simonton Elementary

Superintendent- Dr. Calvin J. Watts

Assistant Superintendent- Dr. Terry Watlington

Board Member- Mr. Steven B. Knudsen

Principal- Tamara G. Perkins

Assistant Principal- Tifferney Dodd

Assistant Principal- Daphne Miles

Assistant Principal- Emily Young