Important Information

September 18, 2014

Conference Day

St. Lawrence's first conference day will be Friday, September 26, 2014. However, I will not be at school this day. Instead, if at this time you feel that you need a conference, please email me to set up a time for either before or after I leave. If at this time you feel you do not need a conference, we can schedule one for later in the year at your convenience, or on another St. Lawrence conference day.

Class Representatives

Students wishing to run for class representatives should be ready to present a short speech (roughly 1 paragraph) tomorrow to their class. After students have given their speeches each student will vote for 1 boy and 1 girl to represent 4B in student council this year. Students who run need to be available to attend meetings on Wednesday afternoons until roughly 3:45.

If your child wishes to run, please read their speech and sign that you approve of them running.

Celtic Pride and Noon Dismissal

Our first Celtic Pride Day and Noon Dismissal will be Friday, September 26. Students may wear:

- An appropriate Celtic Pride shirt

- Tennis Shoes

- Jeans (pants) or Khaki (pants) OR

- Shorts, no shorter than three inches above the knee (no tight shorts)

**Please remember to send your child with a snack on this day, they will have snack time.**

Upcoming Important Dates

September 26: First Trimester Progress Reports

Please sign your child's progress report and send it back to school on Monday. We will return them to you after we have acknowledged your signature.

October 4: Yearbook Picture Day

October 6 - October 10: Fall Book Fair