Raymonds Run

By: Toni Bambara Created By: Chris Taylor

Raymonds Run Summary

This is the story of Squeeky, a young girl who considers herself to be the 'fastest thing on two legs'. Squeeky's life consists of two things; taking care of her brother Raymond and constantly training for track. Squeeky, in training for the May Day races in the park, decides to go for a walk and takes Raymond with her. She accidentally meets her rival, Gretchen, along with her 'shadows', and they start to get angry with eachother. Squeeky and Raymond continue on their way, and purposefully arrive late for the May Day races. While collecting her number, she is asked, in a very round-about fashion, to give some-one else a chance at winning. She does not react well to this suggestion. While on the starting block and realizes that Raymond is in position, on the other side of the fence, to run with her. He impresses his sister by keeping up with her, which leads her to start thinking of retiring from track and becoming Raymond's trainer. The story ends with Squeeky not only winning the race, but gaining respect for Gretchen and considering a myriad of other activities to pursue and conquer.


The stories setting is in Harlem, New York.