Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Author: Ben Fountain

Summary of the story

The story was about a group of men brought tougher by the military. They became a family. As the bravos came back from war they are greeted with fame and respect. while on the voyage they learned never to give up and always do their very best as they move on in life. During the story even while on break and going out trying to have fun they are still thinking about the war and then in the middle of a pizza place they stop and do 100 push-ups so they will stay in shape for next time they are deployed.

Main charters

One of the most impotent people in the story was Billy hes was a very respected man. his personality was a bit different from most people in the story, for example; he was a bit sassy( Like Miss.S), but a very funny man, but yet he was also very serious when the time needed it.