The Holocaust

Riley Braun Academic 2

What was the Holocaust? Was it good or was it bad? The Holocaust was the murdering of millions and millions of Jewish adults and children. At the end of the holocaust about six million Jews were dead. Jewish people were sent to concentration camps where MOST of them would die in different ways. To sum this up the holocaust was a bad time period where lots of Jews died.

In the article "United States holocaust memorial museum" it states "The holocaust...was the murdering of six million Jews."and it states "collaboraters created camps"and that"Jews died at theese camps because of starvation,diseases, and neglect." The holocaust was where lots of jews died. Jews were dying so quickly. Some jewish people even died from incarceration and maltreatment. Others died from forced labor where their working conditions were very poor. Most of the time they got no or very few brakes. Jews were sent places with lots of other where most of the Jews died. concentration camps were places where there was not a lot food and they were forced to work. jewish people died in many different ways.

The holocaust was a sad and devestating period of time. Many jewish people were killed if many different ways. Throughout the holocaust a very large amount Jewish people died. Jews were sent to places where they died with other Jews. The holocaust was a scary time period for everyone. Not very many Jews survived this time period, and not all were sent to concentration camps but they all died differently. I wrote this article to inform people about the holocaust and so everyone makes sure it never happens again.