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April 19 2022

OSAS Testing

Good Morning Palisades Families,

This week we commence OSAS testing for Grade 3-5.

Below are some tips to help your student(s) get ready for testing.

Teacher Tips to Parents & Students

  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Think positively! (Remember how much you’ve learned this year!)
  • Use your strategies.
  • Stay focused on the task in front of you and don’t rush.
  • Plan something fun for when you’re done. (a sweet treat, a movie, a trip to the playground) Charge your chromebook or iPad every night.
  • Always do your BEST!!!

Test Taking Strategies:

  • Circle/underline key words in the question and the reading passage.
  • Pay attention to whether there is more than one answer to the question (it will usually tell you). Eliminate all answers you are sure are not the correct answers. (X them out)
  • Narrow your choices down to TWO then search the passage to decide on the BEST answer.
  • Pay attention to what the question is specifically asking.
  • When in doubt--search the cluesout!

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