Meth must not be taken by man

What is Meth?

Meth is a drug that centrals on hurting the nervous system, your brain, and your skin.

What does meth do?

Body Temperature-Meth raises your body temperature so much it leads to the rising of heart rates, and organ failure.

Teeth-Meth rots teeth and gums.

Brain-Meth causes victims to see, hear, and feel things that isn't even there.

Hair-A toxic chemical in Meth causes the victims to be obsessed with plucking out their hair.

Muscles-Meth makes muscles uncontrollably twitch, and make you have facial tics.

Skin-Meth causes people to think they have bugs crawling all over them, then scratching it so much, it leaves open sores.

Heart-Meth causes the heart rate to increase by a lot. It can lead to irregular heartbeat, heart attack or stroke.

Weight-Meth causes users to became extremely thin. It makes you lose bone density and muscle tissue.

Immune System-Meth stops blood flow, and the healing process, which results in graying of the skin, acne, and open sores.