PGHS Newsletter

September 19, 2016

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Important Updates

  • Lifetouch Picture Day - Get Your Smile ON!! Picture Day is Tuesday, September 27th.
  • 2 Hour Early Dismissal - Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - ACT 80 Day - High School dismisses at 12:17 pm
  • Back to School Night - Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. - Back to School Night is an evening for our parents to learn about high school courses, to meet our faculty, and walk their son/daughter's schedule. We will be running a DAY A on Back to School Night. Back to School Night is meant for parents and guardians.
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PGHS School Counseling Team

Click on this link to meet our School Counseling Team. They are working on student schedules and do an outstanding job of helping students navigate high school and beyond.

PTSA Meeting Monday, September 19, 2106

The PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student-Association) is a private, non-profit organization of parents, teachers, students, and community members who strive to better the lives of the Pottsgrove High School Students. We are part of an association that is organized at the local, state, and national levels. By joining your local PTSA, you are automatically a member of the state and national associations. The PTSA is the largest child advocacy volunteer

organization which speaks for the interest of all children and their safety, health, welfare, and education. Why Join PTSA? When you join the Pottsgrove High School PTSA, you join a community that encourages student achievement and enriches the learning environment. We believe inbuilding partnerships between our families and our schools.

Meeting: Monday, September 19, 2016 7:30 p.m. in the HS Library

PTSA General Monthly Meeting Agenda

General Monthly Meeting Agenda

September 19, 2016

1. Call To Order

2. Welcome & Introduction of the new PTSA Board

A. Pete Robles – President

B. Dr. John A. Coniglario – Vice President

C. Jeananne Lockey – Treasurer

D. Kate Williams – Secretary

3. Secretary’s Report

Approval of the minutes for (no open minutes)

Approved _________ Approved with corrections______

4. Treasurer’s Report

A. Annual 2016-17 PTA Budget Review

5. Principal’s Report

6. President’s Reports

A. Goals for the Year

B. Committee Chairs for PTSA

C. PTSA Fall Gift Card Sales (fundraiser)

1. PTSA Students to sell $20 to $25 cards via pre-order forms.

2. Vendors are Paradise Donuts and Little Sicily Pizza.

3. Incentive reward for sales: Spotify, i-Tunes and Amazon cards.

D. The Great PGHS Outdoor Hoagie Festival (Proposed fundraiser)

1. Students to purchase a hoagie and sit around the school grounds.

2. Hoagie to be supplied by the School’s vendor.

E. PGHS Free Children's Holiday Workshop & Mini Talent Show

1. PTSA Student Representative led for workshop

2. Bus transportation?

3. Multiple Craft Fair stations

4. Free snacks provided

5. Elementary children Talent Show (Tiphany Williams)

7. Communication Report

A. Website

B. Facebook

8. Old Business

9. New Business:

A. Football game wrap-up 8/26 and 9/9

B. Football game preparations for 3nd game on 9/23

1. Supplies need to be replenished

2. Need for more volunteer as we were short for the 2nd game.

C. Parent-Teacher Dinner November 21, 2016

D. Review Committee Chairs listed below.

10. Committee Chairs Reports(*Liaison between PTSA & PGHS)

A. *Assembly/Activities/Community Engagement

(PTSA Student Representatives Multiple Openings)

B. *HS Awards (Executive Board )

C. Back to School Night (Open, Student Representatives)

D. *College and commitment signing Day (Open, Student Representatives)

E. Communications & Concession Stand Recruiter (Amy Marazas)

F. Concession Stand (Executive Board, Open)

G. Giant’s Rewards (Jeananne Lockey)

H. Graduation Ceremony/Refreshments (Open)

I. *Honor Roll Breakfast (2 Opening, PTSA Student Representatives)

J. PGHS Children's Holiday Workshop & Mini Talent Show (Open, PTSA Student Representatives)

K. PTSA News Letter/School Board Communications (1 Open, PTSA Student Representatives)

L. * Post Prom (Amy Marazas, Pete Robles, Open, PTSA Student Senior Representatives)

M. *Senior Picnic (PTSA Senior Parents)

N. PTSA Spirit Wear (John Coniglario, Dee Gallion)

O. PTSA Fall Gift Card Sales (Amy Marazas, Pete Robles, Open)

P. Parent-Teacher Conferences_ Staff Dinners (Open)

Q. *Teacher/Staff Communication (Mrs. Jill Bossler)

R. *The Great Outdoor Hoagie Festival (Open)

11. New Business Motions:

A. Approval of 2016-17 Budget

Motion_________ Seconded___________ Vote:___________

B. Amend Standing Rules to include new 2016-17 Special Committees Chairs

Motion_________ Seconded___________ Vote:___________

Motion_________ Seconded____________ Vote____________

12. Announcements

Next Concession Stand - September 23rd. Please help us!

Back to School Night - September 28th from 7pm to 9pm. Please stop by our table!

Next general meeting is on October 17th at 7:30PM in the HS Library.

13. Adjournment

Student Perspective on Mental Health

Sarah Pennington, Senior at PGHS, will be sharing over the next coming weeks about Mental Health in this newsletter. She has been nationally recognized for her work with Mental Health. We applaud her work and look forward to what we can learn from her. In November, Sarah will be leading our students in an assembly on Mental Health.

See one of Sarah's videos below

Why Mental Health DOES Affect You
Click Here for Athletics Information

Click here to learn about Athletic schedules, meetings, and other important information.

Past Champions Recognition for Football

Here is design for next weeks "Past Champions Recognition" All registered (via emailing Mr. DeRenzo, Athletic Director @ GDERENZO@PGSD.ORG will be recognized prior to our Sept. 23 home game with newest Conference member, Upper Merion. All past champions will be introduced and be given a gift from the Athletic Department.
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Parent Information for Athletics

Pottsgrove School District

Department of Athletics

Parent/Coach Communication

A Positive Approach

Parent/Coach Relationship

Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefit to children. As parents, when your children become involved in Pottsgrove’s Athletic Program, you have a right to understand the expectations placed on your child. This begins with clear communication from the coach of your child’s team.

Communication You Should Expect From Your Child’s Coach

1. Philosophy of the coach

2. Expectations the coach has for your child as well as for the team

3. Locations and times of all practices and contests

4. Team requirements such as rules, paperwork, equipment and suggestions for off-season conditioning

5. Procedure should you child be injured during participation

6. Discipline that results in the denial of your child’s participation

Communication Coaches Expect From Parents

1. Concerns expressed DIRECTLY to the coach

2. Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance

3. Specific concern about a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations

As your child becomes involved in Pottsgrove Athletics, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes. At these times, discussion with the Coach is encouraged.

Appropriate Concerns To Discuss With Coaches

1. The treatment of your child, mentally and physically

2. Way to help your child improve

3. Concerns about your child’s behavior

It is very difficult to accept your child is not playing as much as you may hope. Pottsgrove Coaches are professionals, NOT professional Coaches. It is imperative parents and athletes trust that our coaches are tying to do the right thing for the team and all individuals involved. It is important to understand that the coaches are the ones with the team on a daily basis in practice and competition and therefore, will make judgment decisions based on what they feel is in the best interest of the team.

Issues Not Appropriate To Discuss With Coaches

1. Playing time

2. Team Strategy

3. Play calling

4. Other student-athletes

There are situations that may require a conference between the coach and the parent. These are encouraged. It is important that both parties involved have a clear understanding of the other position. When a conference is necessary, the following procedure help promote resolution to the issue of concern.

Procedure To Discuss A Concern With A Coach

1. Call the Coach to set up an appointment

2. If you cannot reach the coach, call the Athletic Director. He will set up the meeting for you

3. Please do not attempt to confront a coach either before or after a contest. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution.

Next Step For Parent When Meeting With The Coach Does Not Provide A Satisfactory Resolution

1. Call and set up an appointment with the Athletic Director to discuss the situation.

2. At this meeting, the appropriate next step can be determined

Research shows that athletic participation provides girls and boys with motivation for academic performance and physical activity, a structure to teach time management and self-discipline, and a means to develop self-esteem. Student-athletes benefit from a positive sports experience. The Pottsgrove Athletic Department provides this information for parents to foster understanding between you and your child’s coach, and to ensure an enjoyable season for your child.

Football Schedule

Pottsgrove Football Schedule

Fall 2016

Date Opponent Site Time

Sat, August 20 Perkiomen Valley (scr) Away 10:00 am

Fri, August 26 West Catholic HS Home 7:00 pm

(Military Honorary Capt Night)

Fri, September 2 Methacton Away 7:00 pm

Fri, September 9 Boyertown Home 7:00 pm

(Youth Appreciation Night)

Fri, September 16 Glen Mills Away 7:00 pm

Fri, September 23 Upper Merion Home 7:00 pm

(Past Champions Night)

Sat, October 1 Pottstown Away 2:30 pm

Fri, October 7 Upper Perkiomen Home 7:00 pm


Fri, October 14 Phoenixville Home 7:00 pm

(Senior Recognition Night/ Pink Out)

Sat, October 22 Pope John Paul Away 1:00 pm

Fri, October 28 Cross Over vs Liberty Div Home 7:00 pm

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Western Center Schedule Below

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Mark Your Calendars

9/19/16 - Monday - High School PTSA Meeting - High School Library - 7:30 pm

9/27/16 - Tuesday - School Picture Day by Lifetouch - School Board Meeting - District Office - 7:30 pm

9/28/16 - Wednesday - ACT 80 Day - High School dismisses at 12:17 pm

9/28/16 - Wednesday - High School Back-to-school Night - following an A day schedule - 7:00 pm

10/4/16 - Tuesday - School Board Meeting - Ringing Rocks Elementary - 7:30 pm

10/5/16 - Wednesday - Music League PTA Meeting - High School Library - 7:00 pm

10/7/16 - Friday - Homecoming Football Game - 7:00 pm

10/12/16 - Wednesday - High School Booster Club Meeting - High School Library - 7:00 pm

10/17/16 - Monday - High School PTSA Meeting - High School Library - 7:30 pm

10/20/16 - Thursday - ACT 80 Day - High School dismisses at 12:17 pm

10/21/16 - Friday - Staff Development - No School for students

10/25/16 - Tuesday - School Board Meeting - District Office - 7:30 pm

11/2/16 - Wednesday - Music League PTA Meeting - High School Library - 7:00 pm