The Peace Corps

Gabby, Talon, Eli, Holly

Who Was Involved?

Kennedy created it. Anyone who wanted to join could volunteer & help developing nations like Asia, Africa, & Latin America.

- Eli

Danzer, Gerald A. The Americans: Reconstruction through the 20th Century. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell, 2002. Print.

When & Where it Happened?

When: The Peace Corps started in 1960.

Where: The Peace Corps started in the United States by JFK. Volunteers would help assist developing nations (Asia, Africa, & Latin America).
- Holly

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Popular Culture of that Time?

A lot of the popular books at the time were about racism, To Kill A Mockingbird being an example. Colored television was also becoming popular.

- Gabby

How it Resonates Today?

It is still going on today, there has been over 215,000 volunteers & trainees since it began in 1961. It has been very sucessful over the years & shows that it was a beneficial act for President Kennedy to have into act.

- Gabby

"Peace Corps." Fast Facts. Peace Corps, n.d. Web. 05 Mar. 2014.

What Effect Did it Have Then?

1961 - When the first volunteers were accepted, 200,000 men & women went to 139 countries. They dealt with problems from AIDS/HIV to environmental preservation.

- Talon

Scale of Importance in American History?

It had provided people to staff embassies & other governmental staffs.

- Talon

- Eli & Holly