This is an online fitness CHALLENGE - kicking off Monday, December 9th. You will be invited to a private FB group where all of our daily posts will take place. During the challenge, I will post daily motivation to push you towards your goals. I also will be holding everyone accountable to their goals by asking you to log your daily food intake, report to me after your daily workouts and so on. In addition, I will post fit tips, recipes & more! This group is a great way to challenge yourself to stick to your goals, while having someone hold you accountable! Not to mention... its fun! I'm here for your support 100% of the way!

*This particular challenge group will be strict and challenging, as I know people slip up the most during this time of year with the holidays*


1. You are required to partake in 1 Beachbody program and/or Shakeology. If you choose to get BOTH, there is a “Challenge Pack” option for you to purchase. This gives you the option to choose any program + 1 month of Shakeology at a discounted price. Beachbody’s programs consist of P90X, Insanity, T25 and many more. If you are unfamiliar with their programs, PLEASE feel free to ask which program I recommend would be best for you and your specific goals. Also, Shakeology is HANDS DOWN the best nutritional meal replacement on the market. It has completely changed my life, and many of my clients who drink it daily. If you have any questions, or hesitations about Shakeology, PLEASE speak with me. I cannot stress this enough!!!

2. Take BEFORE pictures & measurements. They must be turned in by Sunday December 8th.

3. Log your daily food intake in a food journal. There are 2 options for this. You can either download the free “My Fitness Pal” mobile app – and I can view your daily journal on there. Or, if you prefer to do it old school and write your food down you can snap a picture of it and text it to me/email it daily.

4. Send me your goals by Sunday December 8th, more details to come.

5. Check in daily with the challenge group and participate in daily posts. This is what makes the group so successful & FUN! As the group starts, you will see how participating can help your progress!


The reason I am requiring you purchase a program and/or Shakeology is NOT for me to get new customer sales. TRUST ME. I am passionate about what I do and I want to HELP you reach your goals. The people who follow a program and have their nutrition/diet in order are the ones that have success and GET RESULTS. That’s what I want for you!

I put a LOT of time and effort into these challenge groups, and I am confident in the tools that I provide :)