Have You Ever Felt Alone?

The Scary Truth Is: No Matter What, You're Never Alone

Edgar Allan Poe

Poe is a well known writer, publisher. critic and poet. Even though Poe is currently famous for his works, Poe was not favored by many of his peers back in his day (19th century). Due to his upbringing, Poe had to adjust to many absurd situations at a young age which influenced his horror filled and mysterious stories and poems. Poe's mother died when he was 3 and his father left him.Growing up Poe had many adversaries such as keeping his love life in order, gaining money, upholding friendships with fellow writers and his alcohol addiction. Through all of his hardships Poe was able to accomplish one thing and that was being a successful writer/ poet. He is most famous for his riveting poem "The Raven" , "Tell Tale Heart", "The Black Cat" and many more. It may be true that Edgar Allan Poe lived a rough life but he died a man to remember.

Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

From childhood’s hour I have not been

As others were—I have not seen

As others saw—I could not bring

My passions from a common spring—

From the same source I have not taken

My sorrow—I could not awaken

My heart to joy at the same tone—

And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone—

Then—in my childhood—in the dawn

Of a most stormy life—was drawn

From ev’ry depth of good and ill

The mystery which binds me still—

From the torrent, or the fountain—

From the red cliff of the mountain—

From the sun that ’round me roll’d

In its autumn tint of gold—

From the lightning in the sky

As it pass’d me flying by—

From the thunder, and the storm—

And the cloud that took the form

(When the rest of Heaven was blue)

Of a demon in my view—

"Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe - read by Basil Rathbone

Interpretation of the Poem


Edgar Allan Poe's poetry is a form of art and with art there can be several different interpretations. From what I understand of the poet's words is that Poe's childhood wasn't the same as of the younger boys and girls his age. Poe didn't have the same adventures, laughs, and experiences. Instead of joyous play dates outside and sunny days Poe was captive to sorrow; he could not relate to the people that could achieve happiness from a little moment of fun. Poe enjoyed things far more remote than people would ever want to love-so he loved alone. He enjoyed things by himself because he always felt alone."Of a demon in my view" is a metonymy for the that Poe has seen and undergone that has caused his childhood to be so horrid and miserable. That demon is the reason why his behavior compared to others is so different. it is possible to be around people and yet still feel alone. The speaker more so felt alone mentally but was not physically alone.