Bryant Bulletin

January 31, 2021

We Are ALL in this Together!

For parents, students, teachers, and school staff alike, this school year has been one we will never forget. Let's be honest, this year has been hard...really hard. We are weathering a global pandemic that has brought continual complications, constant readjustments, and shows us all the importance of problem-solving skills and patience. We know it has been trying for our entire Stampede family. However, we also need you to know that through this storm, our commitment to your students has not wavered. We are a united administration, faculty, and staff committed to the whole child---your child. Never before, have we seen all the many needs that one school meets for its children, and each child has and continues to need unique support to survive and succeed this year. For some students, it is physical or emotional support while other students need more technological and flexible academic support. We have of course strived to provide the best support we can for all our students.

The focus of this Bryant Bulletin is to reiterate all the ways we have and will continue to support your student. As well as, share with you how we can work together to create the safest environment for your student to apply themselves for their academic success.

Lydia Edwards, Principal

When Your Student is Working from Home...

For many of our students, virtual school is the norm everyday. For others, quarantine or system safety decisions have meant they are working from home virtually for a period of time. Regardless of which situation your student may be in, we want to share some important tips and support to help your child when they are attending school virtually.

Remember that all classes in our building use Schoology as our Virtual Learning Platform. Schoology is in your child's Classlink page. This allow students to find all of their learning materials and teacher updates in one place. Students are able to see their classes in Schoology and locate all assignments, even when they are absent from school.

Tips for Virtual Learning for students and parents:

  1. Check your Schoology daily - THIS IS A MUST!
  2. When checking your Schoology, make sure to look in BOTH the Updates Tab AND the Materials Tab.
  3. Stay in communication with your teachers via Schoology messenger. This is the primary area of communication with your student's teachers.
  4. Check grades in INOW often.
  5. Take breaks in-between assignments to give your eyes some rest.
  6. Utilize your teacher's office hours for help and questions especially on Fridays. They are here to help.
  7. Asking for help is always the best solution rather than not understanding.


We cannot function as a school if too many of our faculty and staff are not in the building due to COVID-19 Quarantine. Please do your part to ensure our students receive the best we can give by doing the following....

  • Remember to report any COVID+ or exposure to our office team as soon as possible. Your report helps us to ensure that contact tracing is done in a prompt and efficient way for students and staff.
  • If your child is sick, please DO NOT allow them to board the school bus or arrive on campus. We cannot keep students or staff safe if sick children are sent to school.
  • Do not enter the building...
    • if you exhibit any symptoms on the ADPH reporting list
    • if you feel sick
    • if you have been exposed to someone who tested COVID+ or if you test COVID+
  • When you enter the building, remember that MASKS are REQUIRED to be worn CORRECTLY by EVERYONE.

Up-to-date COVID Facts at PWBHS

The TCS System has a continually updating tracker of all the students and staff that are in quarantine and/or have tested COVID-19+. As a parent, you are able to see how the pandemic may be impacting your child's school on any given day. Please visit the tracker to stay up-to-date with changes.

Attendance Matters whether you are F2F or Virtual!

Attendance at school is important for student success! Missing just two days per month could lead to a chronic absence problem and struggles in learning.

If you are a F2F student, we are excited to see you every single day at school! Remember, if your child must miss for an appointment, please get a note to document their absence from school. Excuses need to be turned in to the front office within 3 days of an absence.

If your student is Virtual, they are responsible for virtual attendance too. Your student should...

  • complete the minimum amount of learning activities per week as defined by part-time or virtual.
  • attend weekly instructional sessions, as defined by student’s schedule
  • respond to all school correspondence/communications as defined by classroom teacher guidelines and expectations
  • contact teachers, counselors, and administrators as often as needed

Connect with your Child's Counselor

Now more than ever, we want to ensure you have a connection to your child's counselor. Your school counselors are here to help you with any needs you might have.

Please access the PWBHS Counseling Connection Website to find resources, services, information, and links to request appointments and support!

The Library is ALWAYS Open!

Whether you are a virtual or F2F student, you have access to SORA, our digital library, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Just look for the SORA app in Classlink to browse for popular reads, check-out digital and audiobooks, or place a book on hold! We KNOW our students have to read books they like to get better at reading! The PWBHS library is there to help every student with something they are interested in. Just check out some of the collections in the video below! ALL these books are available in SORA or through check-out in our physical library!

BOOKS are like M&M's!

Deadline to order Cap & Gown Package for Seniors

Friday, Feb. 5th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Seniors and Senior Parents: The deadline to order your Cap and Gown package is next Friday, February 5. To order, go to Make sure to order the "Graduation Supply Cost" at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please contact Candace Young.