Malala Yousafzai👩🏾

the young BBC bloger 📝

when was Malala born?

Malala was born on July 12 , 1997

When was Malala's father born?

he was born in 1969 on January 11th

he is still living

Malala won the noble peace prize

Who was malala?

who was Malala?

Malala was a BBC bloger at the age of 11, she fought for woman's rights. she has her own book. she was shot multiple times in the neck and head, while she was riding from school on her school bus.

why was Malala wanted dead?

she was a fighter for women's rights in Pakistan, some terrorists dont agree that girls should go to school.

how old is malala now ?

She is eighteen in year 2015


July 12, 1997 Malala was born

2009 Malala wrote an annonymous blog for the BBC

2009-2010 people Found out her bloging identity

2011 Malala was nominated for the noble peace prize... she didn't win :-(

2012 Malala got shot in the head by a talabian

2013 Malala won the noble peace prize

How was Malala shot?

Malala was shot above the left ear and down her throat. A masked terrorist climbed onto her school bus and said who is Malala? Everyone looked at Malala so the terrorist fired three bullets. One bullet hit Malala, and she fell onto her friend's lap. Another bullet hit her friend on the ear, and one bullet hit her other friend on her hand.
malala's nobel prize speach

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