Ming Dynasty [1368-1644 CE]

Elana and Ines


Politics are here today, but they were also in China. China is big, just like before;The dynasties all contributed to helping, but this is gonna be just about the Ming dynasty in particular. The first emperor was named Zhu Yuanzang; he became emperor by joining the army to fight. One day he's a poor man, then he's emperor; can you believe that? He didn't help China much, so after he passed away, the next ruler was Jianwen. All the leaders after Hungwu [Zhu Yuanzang] were better leaders, they all were trusted by the people and unified to people; this actually caused China to expand. The next rulers were all through the process of the emperor passing away and giving power to their relatives or someone who fought their way up to it. They all lost their own power eventually too, Hungwu lost his power due to the way that he didn't trust almost evrybody; the laters emperors [including Hungwu] lost power because they allgot 'overflowed' with their own wealth and eventually abandoned the poor people and their needs.
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This is WanLi, the forth to last emperor; this may look weird but its art and probably his true self


Without the economy, there would be no politics; they each need one another to be successful. Trading was VERY important to China, it was very important to life. Since the the last dynasty, the Song dynasty already helped by making the trading routes on the oceans and improving ships, it was very easy for the Ming dynasty to just do their own trading. When trading, they always spread their culture around to others. Some that they traded with with America, Europe, Italy, Manchus, Japanese, Korea, and some western places. Some products that were important and that were traded was silk, tea, porcelain, cotton, food, pins, and oils. There were also many occupations growing and becoming important to them to, such as spreading culture, the new main capitol which was in Peking, [now known as Beijing] the new imperial palace called the forbidden city, trading, the sea\ocean, traveling\exploring\adventuring, and meeting new people with new cultures.
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This is some tea, this was very important to people back then and they often traded this product


The Ming dynasty consisted of having different religions for different people.One religion was ancestor worship. This religion was all about respecting your ancestors to gain their wisdom. Another religion was Confucianism , instead of accepting it many people frowned upon it. Instead of endorsing honoring the gods or our ancestors Confucianism endorsed tradition and authority. Doaism was yet another religion. It was a philosophy system, that is concerned immortality.

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This is a picture of an ancient ancestor worship ceremony. It is held to practice that religion.


Besides having religion this time period also there was culture. Many works of art, were important during this dynasty. They were painting, crafting, and pottery. They helped the Ming dynasty thrive. Social Life was one more imporrotant part of the ming dynasty. Many families farmed during this period of time. They grew rice, millet, wheat, and barley. For farmers their lives were easy. For the peasants it was the compelete opposite. The peasants had a very hard daily life, and they were frowned upon. The Ming dynasty, is famous for many things one is architecture . For example , the great wall was completed and repaired. The forbidden city was also built. The Ming dynasty had some interesting technology.This time period had advanced military technology, such as great equipment and machinery. They were also famous for having great inventions. They invented ceramics,jade,bamboo carvings, and printing. They also, built pottery, made sculptures, and paintings. Ancient china became famous for its handicrafts during this time. People were very smart in this dynasty. The people who lived during the ming dynasty learned astronomy, math , and science.

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This is a picture of farming in the Ming dynasty.