The four roles

Task 1

1.Mesopotamia is located between two rivers. The rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates river. Mesopotamia means lane between two rivers.


3.The climate of ancient Mesopotamia could get over 110 degrees Fahrenheit and they experienced average rainfall.

4. Today Mesopotamia is known as Baghdad,Iraq.

5. Mesopotamia is approximately 6,372 miles from Elm City,North Carolina

Task 2


2.Civilization requirements were urban revolution,new political and military structures,social structure based on economic power, the development of complex technology developement of writing, distinct religious structure, new forms of artistic and cultural activity.

3.Hammurabi's laws were important because if you broke one of them you had a consequence to face. He also so had lots of rules so therefore there were lots of consequences.

4.Here are five of Hammurabi's rules. Rule six states if any one steals temple property they must die and who ever receives the stolen item must also die. Rule thirteen states that there was no thirteenth rule because thirteen was considered an evil number. Rule number fourteen states if any one steals a minor son he must die. Rule number one hundred ninety seven if he breaks another means bones his bones sould be broken too. Rule number two hundred fifty two states if a man kills another man's slave he should pay that slave owner one third of a Mina.

5. Gilgamesh was king of Uruk. Gilgamesh was not only human he was part god part human. One day Gilgamesh was bored and wanted some adventure. So he decided to go and get ceadar trees. The people of his village told him about the demon that gaureded the ceadar tree forest. Gilgamesh and Enkidu went to the ceadar forest to get the ceadar tree wood. Then they were spoted by the demon and was attacked. They fought and Gilgamesh and Enkidu won the battle. They cut down the trees and they cut off the demons head and took it back to the village.

Task 3

1.The farming of Mesopotamia was great becaus they were near two rivers and their soil was rich and fertile. Their agriculture was also great because the land was irrigated and their crops grew quickly.

2.The poisened fields was contributed to the callaspe was partly caused by the mineral salt laft behind by the irrigation.Over time the soil became toxic and could no longer grow crops.

3.The people of Mesopotamia ate two meals a day. They ate fish,vegetables,and fruits. they didn't eat any other meat because it was expensive.

4.People live close to bodies of water for lots of reasons. People need water for cooking,transportation,and cleaning. But Mesopotamians used their water supply for growing their crops.

5.Step one-flood all are where you are palnting your crops.

Step two-take the plouge through to break up the soil.

Step three-run harrow through the field so the soil will be nice and smooth.

Step four-Plant seeds in the ground.

Step five-water the fields at least three times.

Step six-when crops are ready cut the barley gather it together then send it to the thresh house.

Task 4