Survival Guide

For The Champagne Castle (Mountain)

About The Champagne Castle

The Champagne Castle Is Located In South Africa.The Temperature This Season Is 18 F. And The Climate Is Pretty Cold

Surviving Step's

A Way You Can Survive Is Bring Some Extra Clothes Because Its Pretty Cold Up In The Mountains.Another Way You Can Survive In The Champagne Castle Is Bring A Knife So You Can Kill What Ever IS Trying To Kill You And A Bit Of Water And Food.You Can Also Bring Medicent Incase A Spider Or A Dangerous Animal Bits You.One More Way To Survive Is Bring Things To Build A Shelter.

Picture's Of Animal's In The Champagne Castle

Plant's In The Champagne Castle

The Champagne Palm

It IS Not Harmful Well Maybe If You Touch The Ends Were It Has Thorn's.No This Plant Is Not Poisonous.

The Pink Champagne

This Plant Has Thorn's And Can Get In Your Skin