Morning/Class Meetings

September 23rd - 27th

September 23rd (All Grade Levels)

Topic: Purpose

Watch the video link below with your students about a young girl that started a purposeful lemonade stand.

Discussion Questions:

Was this always her purpose?

How did this purpose start?

Have you ever/or recently discovered something only to realize that you were passionate about it?

September 24th: (Kinder - 2nd)

Topic: Boundaries

September 24th: (3rd - 5th)

September 25th (Kinder - 2nd)

Topic: Purpose & Talents

Talk to your students about what a talent is. Tell them some of your talents (positive traits turned useful too.)


Talented Singer

Good Listener

Great Mathematician

Good Problem Solver

Excellent Runner

Great Friend

Have them think of one of their talents to share with the group. Explain to them that paired with our character traits our talents can help us to achieve our purpose.

September 25th (3rd - 5th)

Topic: Passion & Purpose

Watch the video clip below with your students that talks about passions vs. hobbies.

Discussion Questions:

How is your passion related to your purpose?

What is the difference between a passion and a hobby?

What are some of your hobbies?

What is a true passion?

September 26th: (Kinder - 2nd)

Watch the video clip below with your students from Moana. Ask them to think about Moana's purpose when they are watching it.

Discussion Questions:

What was she so passionate about that she had to pursue it? (Explain that Moana had a personal purpose, but sometimes we can share a purpose with each other.

What should our class' purpose be?

What's really important to us all?

How can we make a difference?

September 26th: (3rd - 5th)

Talk you your students about how we have personal purpose, but we also have collective purpose with different groups. Give the example of Ms. Teal and her softball team from last week. I'm sure that some of them had a personal purpose to be a great catcher, shortstop, pitcher, etc. However, their collective purpose was to work together as a team to win the National Championship.

Talk about our school and your class. How doe we have collective purposes in both?

Discussion Questions:

What is Sonntag's Purpose?

What is/should our class' purpose be?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary School