Digital Conversion Bytes

Vol. 11 - February 24, 2017

iPads at Washington Irving

This story was submitted by the 3rd grade team at Washington Irving Elementary.

Students at Washington Irving were able to apply mathematical concepts to the real world by using the Seesaw App. Students found examples of arrays in the classroom and snapped a picture of it on the iPad. They were then able to upload the picture into Seesaw and write the number sentence that represented the array. Students also explored area and perimeter using geoboards. They wrote number models showing how they calculated the area and perimeter of shapes they created. Parents were able to instantly see their child’s work. The Seesaw app is a great way to get a “paperless” grade and teachers can provide instant feedback and assistance through the app as well.

Third grade students at Washington Irving also used iPads to conduct research for our informational writing reports. Students used kid friendly search engines called “Kid Rex,” and “Kiddle.” These search engines allowed students to learn new facts about their topic. They used these facts to write informational reports. The enthusiasm of the students was so fun to watch. The iPads were a wonderful tool in helping students conduct research for this writing project.

Video Creation with Chromebooks & Canvas at Santa Fe High School

The videos below were created to illustrate transcription, the copying of genetic information in a cell, by 9th grade biology students in Beth Carlton's classroom at Santa Fe High School. Students created the videos using their Chromebooks and uploaded them to Canvas where Ms. Carlton was able to grade them.

"We loved this project because they really had to understand the process in order to convey it on their video. Great for student understanding." - Beth Carlton

Transcription Assignment - Santa Fe High
Transcription Tutorial - Santa Fe High School

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