What Happens in the Library?

We are more than just books!

The library is open 24/7!

With our new, updated website, students can access many materials in the school library with a simple Internet connection! Book renewals, databases, citation help, and much more can all be found with a few swipes of the keys.

So what does the librarian do? She is a(n)...

Instructional Partner

* Work with teachers to plan, execute, and assess lessons that include critical thinking skills and technology and informational literacy skills

* Assist in developing curriculum and learning goals


* Empower students to become critical thinkers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information

* Advocate reading for pleasure and reading comprehension skills

Information Specialist

* Use technology to enhance learning and connect the school to the global learning community

* Research, evaluate, introduce, and integrate emerging technologies

It's all about collaboration!

The librarian works with students and teachers to make everyone successful.