1. Life as a Knight

Knights protect and fight all day and night!

2. Knights

A vassal or a lesser noble who fought on behalf of his lord in return for land.

2. Middle Ages

A thousand year period that followed the fall of Rome.

2. Religion

Catholic Churches were the only churches in Europe in the Middle ages. Knights had to respect the church so they could become a knight.

3. Knights

Knights protected peoples land. Another word for knight would be vassals. They protected the land of a lord. They had to go through special training to become a knight. Knights protected the land twenty four seven.

4. Knights

Knight is a term to refer to a warrior or nobleman in former times, or today to refer to a person who has been given a royal recognition.During the middle ages, the term knight referred to a mounted and armoured soldier.

5. Questions

1. What is a knight?
2. How long do knights protect the land?
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7. I think that it was a good idea to have knights for protecting land.

8. Holly Nance Brianna Hart 5th