The chat for preservice Ts by preserivce Ts


Thursday, April 23rd, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

This week's topic: How to engage students with tech

This week we are discussing ways to integrate technology into our classrooms to engage our students. We will be discussing why we need to engage students in learning and cover the how and why regarding technology.

#pretchat Moderators for this week


Former #specialeducation teacher. Building bridges with #edtech. Professor.

Twitter chat etiquette

  1. Follow the moderator as s/he posts questions
  2. Answer the Qs as the moderator posts them.
  3. Do NOT answer all Qs and leave the chat!
  4. Engage others in conversation about the topic - don't be afraid to ask Qs.
  5. Be polite
  6. Use this time to build that positive, professional digital presence.

List of Questions

Q1 Why is it important to engage students in learning? #pretchat

Q2 How do you know your students are engaged in learning instead of being compliant? #pretchat

Q3 Why can technology be used to engage Ss in learning? #pretchat

Q4 What tech tool have you found most useful in engaging Ss with learning? #pretchat

Q5 What is 1 take away from tonight’s chat that you can use in your future classroom? #pretchat