2015 Fashion Marketing Review

Leyna Senica, period 1


  • engaging social marketing technique (trending Twitter hashtags, Tweets in different languages)
  • relatable and inspirational campaigns (#AllIn, inspiring users to go hard or go home)
  • used adored celebrities and athletes as faces of campaigns and ads
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  • optimised social media with #SS15 - hottest brand on Twitter for the 2015 fashion week
  • allowed consumers to purchase items straight off of the catwalk
  • utilised campaigns that resonated with audience - "Burberry Kisses," both online and offline
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  • uses social media to heighten TV ads
  • TV ads tell stories
  • social media broadcasts news about ads and aids storylines
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Marc Jacobs

  • uses Twitter hashtags for giveaways
  • giveaways promote products
  • hashtags spread word around, allowing more traffic to stores
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Michael Kors

  • used hashtags to increase product awareness and unite online and offline owners of MK merchandise
  • one hashtag promoted the Selma handbag (#JetSetSelma)
  • another hashtag asked users to share pictures of what is in their MK handbags (#WhatsInYourKors)
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