Political Revolutions

3 Political Revolutions By: Emily Cecil

What is a political revolution?

By definition a political revolution is an upheaval in which the government is replaced, or the form of altered,but in which property relations are predominantly left intact.Political revolutions can happen in any point and history and has its benefits and its costs.

The Star Wars Revolution

The political revolution that occurred in the star wars universe was between the imperial empire and the rebel alliance. The imperial empire was ruled by sith lords and these sith lords went throughout the galaxy controlling planets and destroying some of them.The rebel alliance was made up of Jedi and the rest were people that wanted to overthrow the imperial empire.

The French revolution

The French revolution wasn't caused by just one conflict, but many contributing factors caused it. Fiscal mismanagement and feudal oppression caused the french citizens to revolt. Louis XVI tried to fix the economic mess by creating the National Assembly.At the time rumors were going around about an impending military coup forming.This caused rioters to storm the Bastille fortress and obtain weapons and gunpowder. This day now known as "Bastille Day" marked the beginning of the french revolution. Many bloody battles took place before the end of the war in 1799.

The Chinese Communist revolution

The Chinese communist revolution started when Mao Zedong started the so-called "Cultural Revolution" and shut down schools trying to enable a revolutionary spark in the youth.At this time a cult following of Mao coined the name "Maoism". During this period of revolution, violence broke out and communist leaders ruled china leading it in the wrong direction.