What was slavery like

Life as a slave


They came from South Africa on a Dutch ship. There was slavery in the US because we needed them for work. There life was long hot working days and short cold nights. One of there jobs was working in the cotton fields. Cotton was important because cotton helped them make cloths and it was a good seller to get money. Slavery ended in 1863 because of the 13th Amendment.

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is when men, women, and children had to rely on strangers to guide them in order to gain their freedom. Harriet Tubman leaded more then 300 slaves to freedom in only 19 trips. The amount her of the reward for capturing her was $40,000. Harriet Tubman worked for the union as a cook, a nurse, and a spy.


The thing that all of the songs is they all have hidden codes. To the slaves they were meant to make them happier. There songs that they made showed them the way to freedom.