Wright brothers first flight

How did the Wright Brothers invention change the world

how they changed the world

The Wright Brothers changed the world by making the world's very first Airplane and made human flight with the glider and the powered glider

The wright brothers inventions

The wright brothers invented the worlds first airplane,glider,and powered glider also known as the plane

The Wright brothers plane

The Wright brothers plane was first being manufactured in 1904 when the plane first reached kitty hawk the brothers first needed to figger out how to generate enough speed to get off the ground
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The Wright brothers lift off divice

The wright brothers needed something to be able to generate enough speed to have lift off in addition they layed down straight side by side train tracks they used tracks because of the size and shape of the landing gear

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wieght lift off divice

its known that when the plane took off it used a weight that was made of lead and was to weigh almost 500 pounds that generated enough force to get the plane to move fast enough to get of the ground