Household Water

Don't be Greedy Help the Needy

Not all Water is Blue

Help save the children of God. Around the world there are millions of innocent children who do not have safe clean water to drink. We can help give the children more clean water by reducing the water that we use.
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So you want to Reduce your Ecological Footprint for the people in need!

There are many ways to help reduce your ecological footprint.

You can always take less time for showers. And for that time you usually spend in the shower you could be more creative, you can ride your bike to the park to save money on gas and get exercise. And remember to check for leaks because you can save twenty gallons of water per day the sooner you look for them, imagine the water bill says you used more than you thought you did, you would be paying for water you didn't use.

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Even more ways to Reduce your Ecological Footprint!

Since the summer is coming up soon maybe you don't have to fill your pool this year, there should be a community pool near you. You could make new friends at your community pool and you can walk there together.


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What will Happen in the Near Future

If we do these steps that I showed you than you should be happy not everyone does these simple things to help the environment. If you and everyone you know does the easy things show above than we shouldn't be worried about the future. All we need to do is teach the next generation that this is our only home and we should treat it with respect.

No Water on Earth!

If we don't follow these simple steps than there will be less water, less food, less animals,

but one thing there will be more of is death because there will be more pollution, more acid rain and more polluted waters because you and everyone around you didn't do their part in helping.